Love & War

Rose loved her dad so much, but when the War letter comes through the mail she is destrout. Later on in life she finds love but will it be the right one?? read and see what happens to her life and her family and friends.......


8. Freddy

"Guess what" Lucy sounded happier than ever.

I looked at her and wondered if I really wanted to know but I replied "what?"

Lucy’s eyes lit up,

"Do you see that boy over there"

She was pointing to Liam’s group,

"Which one"

She looked back at me "The really cute one with blond hair, skinny one standing next to Liam"

I looked over to the group again and squinted,

"Yes I see him, but what do you want to tell me"

She glanced back at me then looked to the group of boys

"Well do you know how I was late to class, it’s because............."

I looked at her confused.

"it’s because" she put her hands over her mouth and let it out in a fast burst "I bumped into him and after we kissed" she dropped her hands to the ground and smiled. I looked at her to say really he’s a bad boy you can do better than him. I smiled with excitement for her

"What’s his name??"

she hesitated "his names Freddy"

I looked over to the boys "he doesn’t look like a Freddy" I smiled.

Lucy giggled and pushed me a little then we both laughed. When Lucy had finished explaining exactly what happened Mathew came over to us

"Hey girls"

we both looked at him "Hey" we both said at the same time.

He sat down "so what’s up??" he smiled

"tell him" I looked over to Lucy

"ok" she started to explain the whole thing again. When she had finished Mathew looked surprised

"Him really?" he looked at her and smiled.

Lucy couldn’t keep her eyes off Freddy and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her, she would always smile at him and he would flick his hair and smile back I looked at her

"why don’t you tell him to come over" she opened her eyes wide

"no...I couldn’t do that"

Me and Mathew looked at each other "why not, I came over here and that wasn’t scary" he looked at me and smiled


When she looked at him again she lifted her arm and made the gesture come over here. He smiled at her and walked over towards us with the two other boys following trying to look really tuff but I don’t think it was working.

She looked at me "Do I look ok is my hair fine do I have anything in my teeth what about around my mouth?"

Me and Mathew laughed "No you look beautiful"

she looked at me and smiled "thanks"

When he got to us he sat next to Lucy

"Hey babe what’s up"

She blushed "um nothing much really"

The other boys scoffed and sat down Freddy looked at them

"shut up you dorks" they went silent.

Mathew laughed quietly.

"well me and Mathew are just going to go for a walk ok"

I stood up Lucy looked at me like please don’t leave me, I gave her a little it will be ok glance. We walked off and I looked back and saw that the other two boys were walking away too. I saw Freddy move closer to Lucy and put his arm around behind her she looked really comfortable and relaxed. I realized that me and Mathew had become really good friends in one day I was so happy he was a good boy.

As we were walking down the corridors we heard people talking and walking towards us all we could see were there silhouettes then they walked into the bright sun beaming through the windows and we saw Liam and the other boy

"Mathew who’s that boy with Liam, what’s his name?"

Mathew looked at me "that’s just Jacob"

I looked at him and smiled "ok".

They were getting closer to us and then we were face to face

"Hey, I heard you two are pretty close and it’s only the first day of school"

Liam looked all tuff. Mathew didn’t take much notice.

I looked at Liam "so what’s it to you"

Liam looked evil "Just wondering if it was true. You know you shouldn’t go out with this kid"

Liam was pointing to Mathew "He used to be one of us but worse"

Mathew looked at him and stepped forward "but not anymore"

Liam stepped back "Why don’t you tell her the stuff you did or are you scared she will run away from you"

Jacob laughed "pock pock chicken" they both laughed.

Mathew looked at me "let’s go"

He grabbed my hand. Liam walked off bumping his shoulder into Mathews. I wanted to pull my hand away and ask what they were talking about but I couldn’t the warmth of his hand made me feel loved.

Just before lunch had finished we walked back over to the oak tree were Lucy and Freddy were still sitting being lovey dovey we could hear Lucy giggling

"Hey Lucy the bells going rung soon" I looked down at her.

Freddy got up and put his hand out to pull Lucy up. When the bell rung Freddy hugged Lucy and walked off.

I looked at Lucy "so how was it?"

she smiled "It was nice he’s cute and caring"

Mathew looked at her like are you crazy but she didn’t notice.

Lucy turned her head to me "What class do we have now?"

I kept looking forward "I think we are learning about history and that kind of stuff" I looked at her and looked away.

She is really lucky to have a boyfriend and I know I could go out with Mathew but I think it’s still way to early because I don’t really know him yet. We got to the class room I said goodbye to Mathew and he left. Me and Lucy walked into class and sat at the front. When the second bell rung and Ms. Gulch walked in everyone groaned. For the rest of class all Lucy could talk to me about was Freddy and by the end of class I had nothing written in my book. The bell rung for end of school and all the kids were gone in no time. Me and Lucy were the last ones out of class. We walked to the school gate and said bye to each other and walked our separate ways. I looked back at her and saw she had met up with Freddy. I started walking towards my house. I watched as all the kids that lived close to school, excited to be home and see their families. When I got to the end of the drive way mum came out side.

"Your back, it’s so lovely to see you. How was school"

I looked at her with a big smile on my face "it was great mum I really enjoyed it I meet lots of new people it was great"

She kissed my forehead and smiled "I’m glad you liked it"

We both walked inside, me feeling as excited as the other kids would be to see their parents, and mum happy knowing that my day was good and enjoyable. Mum walked off into the kitchen and I staggered off to my bedroom. I put my bag down on the ground next to my desk then I unzipped my dress and put on a clean navy blue top and cream coloured knee shorts. I lied down on my bed with my history book in my hand and let out a tired sigh lifted the book up so I could see it and started to read.

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