Love & War

Rose loved her dad so much, but when the War letter comes through the mail she is destrout. Later on in life she finds love but will it be the right one?? read and see what happens to her life and her family and friends.......


7. Boy.........friend

I walked into the class thinking how lucky I was to meet such a nice boy………friend, I was thinking way too far ahead but it seemed possible. I walked into the same classroom one thing had changed Ms. Gulch was gone and she was replaced by an ugly, wrinkly old man that could hardly see over his desk when he was standing.

I sat at the front of the class this time I didn’t really want to sit next to Liam; I already knew he was one of the bad boys I could tell by his personality, that’s why I treated him with disgust. We all laughed as the teacher tried to climb up onto his hard brown wooden chair, He finally made it and started to write qestions on the board when he was nearly finished the door slowly opened and Lucy popped out from around the other side of the door she stood with her back to the door and slowly closed it making a clicking noise when she let go of the handle she looked really happy, I knew something had happened something really exciting. I told her to hurry up and sit down the teacher hasn’t noticed the door open. She scurried over to the desk next to me. The teacher kept talking about the stuff on the board then turned around,

"I almost forgot to tell you...."

He picked up a piece of paper and put his glasses on, He skimmed his finger alone the words,

"The whole school will go to the hall......before lunch" he looked up from his paper the whole class looked underwhelmed. Mr. Krimby turned back to the board,

"ok so if 163 divided by 1690 what’s the answer"

He looked around no one knew that answer, accept me of course but I didn’t want to make the impression that I was a smarty pants. He pointed to Liam at the back of the class I turned to look at him, he was talking to a blond haired girl she was giggling her little dimples were showing. Liam went quiet,

"Why would I know" he looked at the teacher.

"Don’t get smart with me young boy"

The teacher now put his pointing stick down on the desk and hopped off the chair he disappeared for a few seconds then came out from behind the big desk Liam laughed silently and smirked, Mr. Krimby looked like he was going to exploded his face was red and more wrinkly than ever,

"YOU GET OUT OF MY CLASS NOW!" he yelled out across the room.

I jumped, well everyone jumped, I never thought a little man like him could be that loud. Liam got off his chair and flicked his bag over his left shoulder, gave the blond girl a side smile I could see she was blushing and walked down the row of desks he opened the door and left the class with the teacher following behind him.

"wow the first day of school" Lucy looked at me and giggled

"What do we do in the hall?"

I looked at Lucy who shrugged her shoulders. Everyone was talking about how Mr. Krimby had an outburst and by the time the teacher had come back in it was time to go to the hall. He looked at the clock and muttered something to himself.

"Ok class stand up and head for the hall now"

All the kids stood up and rushed out the door the teacher was the last out of the class. all the kids were leaving their classes and heading for the front doors I could see that Liam and two other boys snuck out the back door. Me and Lucy talked about boys as we made our way to the big white, moss covered, square building on the other side of the school. When we got their all the students were seated next to their teachers. There was a big wooden stage and 4 chairs pushed together. There was a wooden stand with a piece of wood stuck on top. The head masters assistant walked on the stage she cleared her throat

"STAND PLEASE" everyone stood.

The assistant sat down on one of the chairs and then the head master walked up to one of the other chairs

"I wonder what they use the other chairs for?"

Lucy looked at me "there for the best students of the school, there’s always a boy and girl"

I looked back to the stage "oh"

The head master walk to the wooden stand, He looked like a handsome man in his mid 30's, with very dark black hair.

"Good afternoon you can all sit now"

As everyone sat down he looked around at everyone’s uniforms,

"ok everyone must know who I am but for the new people at this wonderful school...."

Me and Lucy scoffed at the same time.

"I’m Mr. Oakley your head master. Well today I will be telling you all about our expectations at this school so......................

he spook for a long time all the students seemed pretty tired. The bell rung and all the kids ran out of the hall to the P.E shed. Me and Lucy walked over to the same oak tree. We looked around everywhere for Mathew but we couldn’t see him.

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