hate that i love you

Amanda loves her older brother to death so when she finds out that he's being bullied at school she feels the need to take matters into her own hands but when one direction turn out to be the jerks who hate her brother she just tells them to step off instead of beating them with a rock like she'd planned on doing and one direction thinks that when she says step off means that they can hurt her but not her brother then Liam falls for her but doesnt stop hurting her.Will Amanda stand up for herself or not?


3. Why are you here?

Louis's POV:

"Hey dweeb we talked to your sister and she says she doesn't like seeing you hurt" I taunted."You assholes better stay away from Amanda" he threatened."Oh so my new toys name is Amanda" Harry asked evily."If you cunts think you can hurt my little sister and get away with it you have another thing coming" Josh threatened."we just wanted to know what school she goes to" Niall asked while cracking his nuckles."Go ahead kill me I still wont tell you what school she goes to" Josh said."Don't worry we'll find out" I said as i walked away."Hey Liam you ok" I asked i havent heard a word from him ever scence that amanda chick talked to us."Yeah I'm fine I was just trying to hack into the school districts network and figure out what school that Amanda chick goes to" Liam said holding up his phone that had Amandas profile on it."Looks like shes a senior at Bellmore high" Niall said looking at liams phone."well boys i know where were going for lunch tomorrow" I said

The next day at lunch:

We all got into my car and drove to Amanda's school once we parked at the cafe across the street from her school we saw Amanda in the cafe with 2 of her friends.We walked into the cafe and walked right up to her."Hey baby" Harry said."Piss off" she said."watch your language young lady" I taunted."What do you want" she asked."we want you mandy" I said."I told you cunts fuck off" she said."Amanda calm down" Her friend said."No Bry" Amanda snapped."Amanda come on we need to get to class" Her other friend said.They walked out without saying a word to anyone.

Amanda's POV:

Those idiots I swear if Bry and Lisa weren't there I would have beaten them to death."Mandy you ok" Lisa asked me."Yeah just a little fresturated" I told her."Come on let's ditch school and go to the park" Bry said."Thats why you guys are my best friends" I said then we began walking to the park.

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