hate that i love you

Amanda loves her older brother to death so when she finds out that he's being bullied at school she feels the need to take matters into her own hands but when one direction turn out to be the jerks who hate her brother she just tells them to step off instead of beating them with a rock like she'd planned on doing and one direction thinks that when she says step off means that they can hurt her but not her brother then Liam falls for her but doesnt stop hurting her.Will Amanda stand up for herself or not?


4. plots

Amandas POV: We got to tha park and sat under a tree."Mandy is there something you're not telling us" Bry asked."No" I lied."Mandy we can tell when you're lying now tell us" Lisa said."Ok those guys back there at the cafe were some guys who were picking on Josh" I began."Say no more" Bry said.She could always make me laugh."Hey you guys know where we haven't been in forever" I asked."Where" Lisa asked."That old tree house we built that one summer" I said standing up."Let's go" Bry said then we all ran to the forest."there it is" Said Lisa pointing to one of the trees."Lets go" I said running.We all climbed up the ladder and sat on the couch we put in there."I haven't been here in so long" Bry complained."Do you think Twinkie's still here" I asked.Twinkie was a squirrel who loved hanging out in the tre house."I don't know lets see" Lisa said grabbing some old cheetos.Twinkie didn't come."Whatever" I said turning on the TV that we kept up there."Hey guys" I said."Yeah" Bry asked."remember that summer where we lived up here" I said."yeah that was so fun" Bry said."you guys know what we should do this summer" Lisa asked."What" I said."Build a hobbit hole" Lisa said."That sounds awesome" I said."yeah we'll start this weekend" Bry said."do you guys wanna go to the amusement park and act like lesbians in the tunnel of love" I asked them,that was just something we did to pass the time."yeah that sounds really fun" Bry said.Ahhh I loved our relationship
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