The Brother I Never Knew but Found

Hi My Name us Becky Romes I live in the Chessshire Countryside. I have decided to Audition for The X Factor UK. I Have what I think is an Amazayn Voice the is my story of Romance Friends Family and Winning.


1. The Big Audition

Do you know what it feels like when your almost going to puke there and then?

I certainly do.

My name is Becky Romes I'm 16 years old and today I'm auditioning for the 7th series of X Factor UK. I felt my stomach tremble with my lips I started to pace back and forth. I knew it was my turn when mum and a stagehand said at the same time " Get out there and nock em' dead!". I walked on stage I felt soo sick I could vomit but of course........ I couldn't. I was standing there my heart racing and I told the judges about myself " well my name is Becky Romes I work a part time job at "Patsy's Pastrys" I get at least 50 pence a month I use that money to help my adoptive family" I paused unsure of what to say next but then it came to me "oh and yea I love to sing and I think X Factor is an amazing opportunity for people to follow their dreams". I waited for their responses then Simon said " well lets see if u can see miss " I think I'm better than the rest ". Cheryl Batted his arm so hard it made him yelp he tourned to face her and said " what is your problem miss I'm so awes.......... Cheryl stared him down and said " well that should have been easy being so mean to this lovely girl she obviously is auditioning to be graded". She turned back to me and said with a nice sweet voice " sweetheart I'm an so sorry about mr " I am allowed to be mean and I can make anyone I feel like being mean to cry" sweety
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