Living in London

Brianna has just moved from Canada to London, so she could have a break from all the screaming Beliebers around her house. Why? You might ask... because Brianna was Justin Bieber's step sister and the fans just wouldn't leave her alone. Little did she know she was not running from the comotion she was running to it... (THIS IS NOT A JUSTIN BIEBER FAN FIC IT IS A 1D FAN FIC)


7. What Happened?

Harry's POV

What? Where am I? What happened? All I remember is seeing a beautiful girl and then blacking out.

"Hey man, what's up?" an Irish accent said. Was that Niall?

"Niall? Is that you?" I asked.

"Yeah man, it's me," Niall said.

"Oh good, I wasn't sure if it was actually you or if maybe I was hearing things," I said.

"Harry, what exactly happened?" Niall asked, suddenly sounding serious.

"Somebody stabbed me," I said.

"Who?" Niall asked.

"I think it was Greg," I said in what wouldn't even be classed as a whisper.

"WHO?" Niall yelled at me.

"Greg," I said a bit louder this time.

"What? NO maybe it was a trick of the light. Harry, are you sure it was Greg?" Niall asked again.

"Yes, but he wasn't himself," Harry said.

"Well, he's on his way here so when he gets here I'll talk to him," I said.

"What about the beautiful girl?" I asked Niall.

"What beautiful girl?" Niall asked.

"The one with the long brown hair, brown eyes and gorgeous smile..." Harry said staring into nothingness.


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