Living in London

Brianna has just moved from Canada to London, so she could have a break from all the screaming Beliebers around her house. Why? You might ask... because Brianna was Justin Bieber's step sister and the fans just wouldn't leave her alone. Little did she know she was not running from the comotion she was running to it... (THIS IS NOT A JUSTIN BIEBER FAN FIC IT IS A 1D FAN FIC)


2. Ugh... Horan Greg's POV

(A/N hi guise it's me again I'm writing this chapter in Greg's POV but from now on every chapter will be both Greg and Brianna's POV... so here it is..)

Greg's POV

"We will be landing in about 30 minutes, please everyone fasten your seatbelts. Thank you!" the annoying lady's voice over the intercom on the plane said.

Soon enough I would be with the boys just hanging around London, meeting girls, hopefully finding my princess. Oh god, I sound just like my brother, looking for my princess.

While I was planning out my days I saw the most beautiful girl on the plane. She had long, dark brown hair, I couldn't see what colour her eyes were because they were closed, but I bet they were a beautiful shade of brown. I'm a sucker for brown eyes. I must have fallen asleep daydreaming about that beautiful girl because the next thing I knew people all around me were getting up out of their seats and reaching for their bags. I waited until everyone had gotten off the plane until I got up.

When I did get out of my seat however, there was still someone else on the plane. The beautiful girl from before and she was still asleep. I thought I would be a nice gentleman and go wake her p gently.

She was obviously a heavy sleeper  bacause it took me 15 minutes to wake her up. When I saw her with her eyes open, I realised she wasn't for me. She was beautiful, but she wasn't meant for me, I could sense it in the way she looked at me.

"May I help you with your luggage?" I asked the beautiful girl.

"Yes please, it's the green suitcase over in that compartment," she said in an angelic voice. NO Greg stop that! You can't think of her in that way.

I walked over to the compartment she pointed at and the only suitcase in there was an old grey one, "Uhm... excuse me? Miss? Your suitcase does not seem to be in this compartment," I said, thinking to myself about how stupid I must sound trying to act all high-class.

"Oh, maybe it was that compartment," she said pointing to the one in front of it.

Her suitcase was not in that compartment either. After searching the entire plane, we came to the conclusion that her suitcase was no longer on the plane.

The girl started crying so I said, "Don't fret miss, I'm sure we might be able to find your suitcase in the airport lobby, the plane only finished unloading 45 minutes ago. Hopefully your bag will be close."

"Well then, I guess we better get going if we ever want to find my bag," she said running towards the exit of the plane.

When I got off the plane the pretty girl was already on her way to the lobby of the airport. I decided that I wanted to know a little more about this girl so I started a conversation with her.

"Oh, by the way my name is Greg, Greg Horan," I said putting out my hand for her to shake.

"Oh great... Niall Horan's brother right?" she said with a sound of  disgust or distaste in her voice.

"Why yes. Do you have something against me?" I asked worried that this beautiful girl coould possibly hate me.

"Oh, no not you... you're quite nice, but I CANNOT stand One Direction! They think they're such big shots and that they can just put on a pretty face and have girls falling at their knees for them," she said starting to raise her voice.

"That's not true, I know them all personally and they're quite fine lads," I said trying to defend my brother and his mates.

"Whatever. Anyways my name is Brianna, Brianna Bieber," she said sounding cross.

"Oh, right, Justin Bieber's new step sister. I thought I recognised you," I said, probably sounding disgusted.

"Yeah I am. Got a problem with that?" Brianna asked, obviously becoming very impaitent with me.

"Of course I've got a problem with that," I answered, "you know what your step brother said about my brother and his mates? He said they were gay and they shouldn't be singing. He said they were a disgrace to men everywhere."

"Oh, I didn't know that," she said sounding ashamed that she had just flipped at me.

"It's aight," I said, "is this your first time in London?"

"Yeah, this is my first time, I've only ever lived in Canada," Brianna said.

"Well maybe I could take you around London sometime," wow that was lame, "or maybe let the boys take you around," I said, there I saved myself from a horrible embarrassement.

"The boys...?" she asked, she was so cute when she played dumb. SHUT UP GREG. Say something that will save yourself.

"Yeah, my brother and his mates, I have a feeling Harry might fancy you. You're his type," I said. Oh Greg you're an idiot. You're the one that has feelings for her. Whoa wait did she just blush? My life is ruined...

"Yeah, that'd be cool I guess," Brianna said obviously blushing now.

So that's what having your heart broken feels like, stay cool Greg. "Come on Bri-Bri I can see it in your eyes. YOU WANT HIM!" that was so hard.

"What makes you think that?" oh good, maybe she doesn't feel the same. "And don't call me Bri-Bri," oh no, she's crying I did something terrible.

"What's wrong Brianna?" I asked, turning Brianna to face me.

"Oh nothing," she said trying to wipe the tears from her eyes and put on a smile.

"Don't give me any of that crap, there's obviously something wrong. You're freaking crying for Christ's sake!" I said worried for Brianna.

"You're right," she said bursting into tears and crying into my shirt.

"What is wrong then?" I asked. I need to help her, then maybe she'll fall in love with me.

"Well, my best friend, Clare, she always called me Bri-Bri and I just miss her so damn much," she said. Good she just poured her heart out to me, so she trusts me.

"Why didn't you take her with you?" I asked trying to hide the excitement from my voice.

"Because her parents didn't like the idea of her moving so far away from home," she said.

"Oh I understand. How old is Clare?" I asked coming up with an amaZAYN idea. Wow I spend too much time on twitter.

"Yesterday she turned 18," she said  balling her eyes out, I'm guessing that Brianna missed Clare's birthday.

"Well technically she can make her own decisions now, she's an adult," I said.

"I know. She said when she saved up enough money she would move here. I offered to pay for her, but Clare doesn't like to accept charity," Brianna said, kind of giggling at that memory of her friend.

"You know what you should do?" I asked.

"What?" she asked. Awh... she is so cute when she's eager to know something.

"You should just buy her a ticket and tell her that if she doesn't come then you'll have wasted a thousand dollars. She'd ought to come then," I said, proud that I had thought of that on the spot.

"You're a genius!" she exclaimed.

"I try my best," I said attempting and failing at a hair flip. Wow I'm an idiot and Brianna must think I'm such a fool, "c'mon let's go get that bag!"

When we got into the lobby Brianna must have seen her bag immediately because all of a sudden she screamed out,





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