Living in London

Brianna has just moved from Canada to London, so she could have a break from all the screaming Beliebers around her house. Why? You might ask... because Brianna was Justin Bieber's step sister and the fans just wouldn't leave her alone. Little did she know she was not running from the comotion she was running to it... (THIS IS NOT A JUSTIN BIEBER FAN FIC IT IS A 1D FAN FIC)


6. Searching for a Disguise

Third Person POV

"Come into here," Keira said pulling Brianna into a dimly lit costume shop.

"Keira, if we get me an actual costume people will notice me," Brianna whined.

"We're not getting you a real costume, genius, we're getting you a disguise," Keira said as she rushed to the back of the store where the cashier was.

"Keira, what are you doing?" Brianna asked as Keira desprately pulled her along.

"Shh... don't say anything," she said, "hey Frankie, my man, I was wondering if you could help me find a disguise for my friend here, she's gotten herself into a little trouble."

"Oh yeah sure, what's your friend's name?" Frankie asked.

"Brianna," Brianna said, "my name is Brianna."

"Okay Brianna, come back here with me," Frankie said bringing her to a back room.

"Okay so you're natural hair colour is dark brown and it's long, hmm... a nice bleach blonde short-haired wig will do nicely, and we'll get you some more extravagant clothing," Frankie said as he started to rush around the store looking for items that he could use.

Five minutes later, he came back with a bleach blonde short-haired wig just like he said, a very sparkly pink cami, even though it was the middle of winter, a short jean skirt that was tie-dye, bright, neon green fish net leggings and a faux fur scarf. Wow when Frankie said extravagant he really meant it. Actually he meant crazy! Keira thought to herself.

"What are you? Crazy?" Brianna asked obviously having the same thoughts as Keira.

"No, people around here wear stuff like this, it's strange but haven't you noticed people staring at you because you're not wearing the same clothing as them?" Frankie said.

"No, I haven't really noticed anybody at all because I've had a lot on my mind," Brianna answered.

"Well if you payed more attention you would have noticed. Now get changed into these, don't worry I'm leaving," Frankie said as he exited the room, leaving Keira and Brianna alone.

"Do you want me to go too? Or do you think you'll need my help?" Keira asked.

"Uhm... I think I might need your help," Brianna answered.

"Okay," Keira said.

Fifteen long minutes later, Brianna was all dressed up.

"Now you look like a Londoner," Frankie said, walking into the back room. Brianna smiled to herself.

"So, how much do I owe you?" Brianna asked.

"Oh nothing, love this one is on the house," Frankie said as he shooed them out of his store, "Now go fix your problem you two. Oh and Keira, there's a house party at mine tonight, come over and bring Brianna with you. I'll text you the deats."

"Okay, see you tonight Frankie," Keira called out as he waved and then shut the door.

This was gonna be a long day ahead of us. Brianna thought as they walked down the street.

(A/N sorry this one's short the next one will probably be short too but the one after will be long, I just thought I owed all my beauitful readers a chapter or two today. Don't forget to leave comments down there \/ \/ \/ Love you guys.... xxxx Clare ;)

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