my wall my space myself

alice is a 17 years old girl she isn't too social in other words she dosen't like too much peolple or that's what she thinks.


1. i'll go

alice POV
what the hell is wrong with you ?! andrew why did you wake me up like this!! and the most important what are you doing in my fucking room!?? i don't care if it's chrismas or my birthday or the 2 at the same time y just go andrew....- i said very angry. my name is alice and that man, that stupid man called andrew is my step father or he think he is i just don't care in a few days i'll go of this shit.I mean house. mom, i just think she is a fucking whore. maybe i'm erong but also maybe not so i don't really care. About love?? i just don't believe in that stupid faire tales. when i see some of the bitches of my school crying i just laugh at them faces. i don't really care. i just have so many problems that this is only crap y can throught to the trash. only one more fucking week and i'll go forever of this crap that i've instead of a house.
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