Everything I need and then some

Emma has one thing on her mind. Living on her own. She wants to be as far away from her family. Her backstory is a tragic one and she doesn't want to remember it. If it comes down to lieing to the 2 people she fully trust then so be it. Not remember equals to her no pain or heartbreak. Emma has been through a lot, only one person can really give the love she really love. When he breaks her heart her eyes open to someone she thought she would never love.


10. Seeing him

Emma's pov: The night before could have been the worst but thanks to Niall it was amazing. "Do u want 2 meet me latr?" Niall texts "Sure were?" I text back "Park @ 1?" "Kk sounds good" I text back. I had work today but my shift ended then. I have exams comeing too that I need to study for. My dad hasn't even set out people looking for me. (Flashback) "Please don't make me" I beg "No yur doing it" my dad said. My dad was tall, he had a dirty bread and had brown hair. His eyes showed hate, he's words cut like knives. I know my dad was evil, but when I was younger I thought I was the problem "Get in there!" "Please daddy" "Shut the F**k up and get in the damn room." He yells. I slowly go into and I see a young drunk man. "Hi" "Stop talking, and give me somethin" he slurs. I groan and think what my life would have been without this crap. (Now) "Do you want any wip cream with that?" I ask "No" "Okay here's your hot chocolate" "Thank you" the nice lady walks out in the bitter cold.

Once my shift is over I head to my house and put on some cuter cloths. I want to look nice for Niall. I walk to the park with 2 hot chocolates in my hand, one for him and one for me. I see him there sitting on the bench and a smile spreads across my face when he sees me.

"Hello" he says politely

"Hi I brought hot hocolate do you want some?" I ask him

" Yes!!" hes says happy. I give a litte laugh and we start talking. 2 hours later, 1 hot chocolate gone, and one cute irish boy looking at me, I feel happy for the first time in a while. Niall makes me laugh all the time. I think I'm falling for the blondy siting next to me.

"you know Zayn really likes you right?" he says. Back to reality

"yes, but hes got Perrie and I really like Perrie and I'm not breaking up Zerrie!!" i declare. Niall gives a small chuckle and smiles.

"I need some advise" He says

"on what?" I ask

"Well there is this girl I really like.." My heart drops I should have known hes in freaking One direction and Im a nobody.

"And?" i ask

"well I want to ask her out how?"

"well girls like romatic boys and I'm sure if you take her to a nice resturant and maybe a movie then that would be a nice first date. " I tell him.


"whos this girl?" I ask

"you" he says smileing. I start to blush and laugh.

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