Everything I need and then some

Emma has one thing on her mind. Living on her own. She wants to be as far away from her family. Her backstory is a tragic one and she doesn't want to remember it. If it comes down to lieing to the 2 people she fully trust then so be it. Not remember equals to her no pain or heartbreak. Emma has been through a lot, only one person can really give the love she really love. When he breaks her heart her eyes open to someone she thought she would never love.


8. Party time

Zayns pov:
I was getting ready for the party I was really excited. I coldnt wait to see Emma. She was an amazing girl. I styled my hair, and out on some new kicks. My shirt was nice lookin but didn't look like I was trying to hard.
"Ready?" Perrie asked. She leaned in for a quick kiss, it felt wrong to kiss her when I liked Emma. But I still really loved her.
"Yep you look beautiful" I said giving her a little twirl. She smiles and gives me a quick peck on the lips. I looked up and notices Emma standing there. She had a blue dress and looked amazing her friend I assumed Cathy looked really good.
"Who's she?" Perrie asked
"A friend" I answer
"I'd love to meet her" perrie says excitedly. This is what I hate, perrie is so nice and I'm starting to like some one else. I go up to Emma and say.
" I'm so glad you could come. You look so pretty" I say
"Hi I'm perrie Zayns girlfriend"
"Hi nice to meet you" Emma says looking at me, confused.
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