Everything I need and then some

Emma has one thing on her mind. Living on her own. She wants to be as far away from her family. Her backstory is a tragic one and she doesn't want to remember it. If it comes down to lieing to the 2 people she fully trust then so be it. Not remember equals to her no pain or heartbreak. Emma has been through a lot, only one person can really give the love she really love. When he breaks her heart her eyes open to someone she thought she would never love.


9. Party time 2

Cathy's pov:
I start to look around for Emma. But someone asked me to dance. I couldn't say no. It was Harry styles!! I thought just one dance won't kill me. Or Emma. But as me dance some more I see Emma come back in and smile. I smile back and keep on dancing.
"Yur avoid dancer" Harry says. I laugh I suck at danceing.
"I think your blind" I say
"Your pretty, so that means I'm not blind"
"Say what you want pretty boy" I say
"Harry, you name is?"
"That's pretty, "
"I hate it"
"No, I'm just kidding. I like it but its not my fav. " I say.
"Harry isn't the best either"
"It fits you"
"Yeah. "
"Give me your phone"
"Here" I say grabbing his. I put my number in his iPhone. I think about how I just put my number in freakin Harry styles phone! Wow amzaing.

Niall pov:
I went outside to get some fresh air. I came here all alone. Sad but true. I came here to have funky my friends but they all picked up girls. There was a girl outside crying. I went up to talk to her. She was pretty and her smile was nice.
"Hi" I say
"What happened?" I ask
"Nothing" she says.
"Okay,you don't have to tell me." I say
"There's just to much tell" she says. I can see the pain behind her eyes, whatever happened there was a lot more behind the pain in her big blue eyes.
"I like story's" I say
"Maybe later"
"Would you like to dance?"
"Outside?" She said confused
"Inside" I says laughing
"Duh! And sure I would love to" she said. She smiles, this is the fire time I see her smile and is beautiful.
"I'm Niall"
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