Everything I need and then some

Emma has one thing on her mind. Living on her own. She wants to be as far away from her family. Her backstory is a tragic one and she doesn't want to remember it. If it comes down to lieing to the 2 people she fully trust then so be it. Not remember equals to her no pain or heartbreak. Emma has been through a lot, only one person can really give the love she really love. When he breaks her heart her eyes open to someone she thought she would never love.


3. Bench

Emma's pov:
I turned around and see the guy I saw at the library! Zayn?! He sat next to me and smiled. H was so. Cute and his smile made me smile too.
"Hi" he said cooly.
"Hi" I answer back shyly.
"What are you doing here?" He asks
"Reading you?" I hold up the Harry potter book and show him. He holds up his book and smiles.
"Soooo since we keep meeting each other I think we should he to know each other" he suggests breaking the akwardnees.
"Okay, my question is what's your job?" I start out saying
"Well I sing. What about you?" Zayn says
"Work at the coffee shop" I answer a little to quickly.
"Cool, were do you live?" He asks
"Uuummm down the street" I say.
"Do you have a girlfriend" I blurt out, regretting it as soon as I said it. I blush and he smiles.
"No I'm single, are you?" Zayn asks
"Yep" I said poping my p. His phone rings and he picks it up. I feel weird but I'm drawn to him some how. His looks, his smile, his beautiful eyes and he's humor. After he hangs up he grabs my phone from my pocket and types in his number.
"There you go, I want to keep in touch with you, I really like you" Zayns says. I about die then. I blush and he winks at me.
"Bye, see you around" he says walking off. I stare at him walking away and smile to myself and read my book.

Zayns pov:
Getting to know Emma is amazing. She's amazing. She didn't tell me anything about her family or her life at all. Her beauiful blond hair. He amazing deep blue eyes. She's small and skinny and her hair has always been in a braid from what I've seen. Her eyes look lost and sad sometimes but when she laughs it makes me happy. My Phone started to ring. I feel a little embarassed. I look who's calling and it's Paul. I can't miss this one. Shoot.
"I need to take this" I say to her.
"Okay," she says politely and smiles. I turn around.
"Hello" I say less happily.
"Zayn we need a band meeting now, it's about your comeing tour" Paul says.
"Fine " I say. I sign and ask when.
"Now. " Paul answers
"Fine, I'll be there in 10 minutes." I say. I hang up and look over at Emma. She readig he brook chewing in her finger nails. He looks like she's deep in thought. I grab her phone and type my name in. This must be how it's suposed to be, because I always see her. I'm drawn to her some how. I tell her goodbye and that I want to see her again. I start to walk away and wonder if I will ever see her again. I'm going to start to do some stuf in one direction and might not have time. Then I wonder if I will see her. I know in my heart that I will. And next time I'm not letting her go.
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