Everything I need and then some

Emma has one thing on her mind. Living on her own. She wants to be as far away from her family. Her backstory is a tragic one and she doesn't want to remember it. If it comes down to lieing to the 2 people she fully trust then so be it. Not remember equals to her no pain or heartbreak. Emma has been through a lot, only one person can really give the love she really love. When he breaks her heart her eyes open to someone she thought she would never love.


4. Again?

Emma's pov:
Wake up get dressed and run to work. Fun. Everyday. It's been a week since I've seen zayn and I'm missing him from the couple hours we talked. As I open up the coffee shop I start to wonder if I finally have enough to rent a cheap place! The coffee shops pays well and plus I get most of the tips because the people who work with me don't work as hard as I do. Tomarrows Monday I have to go back to school. I don't really have any friends but one, and her name is Cathy. I wonder if I could stay at her place?! I take out my iPhone that I stole from my dad to call her.
"Cathy?" I say into the phone
"Yeah?" She says it sound like I woke her up.
"Can I stay at your house?" I ask
"Yea why?" She asks. She doesn't really know about my father.
"My dad kicked me out" I say. It's half way true
"Really?! Yeah come over stay as long as you want!" She says. A smile spreads across of y face.
"Thanks! I'll be there about 4ish" I say.
"Sounds good, bye" she says. She hangs up and I let out a huge breath. I better so much. I turn around to get the order from the customer and I turn around to see its zayn!
"Hey!" I say
"Hello" he answers
"What do you want?" I ask politely.
"Just some hot chocolate," he says. I turn around to get it ready.
"Why haven't you texted me?" He asks
"I've been busy" I lie
"So have I what have you been doing" he asks me
"Uuummm I had a big test in English" I say. It's true, I did and I did bad.
"That's no fun, when do you get out of here?" He asks me I blush and tell him about 3:30.
"Sounds good, see you then" he says. I hand him the hot chocolate and he walks out the door. Shoot! I forgot I'm suposed to see Cathy! I have to take my stuff there too! My stuff looks so bad too! What will zayn think if he saw my things!? I'll justeave them at the park and walk back later to get my stuff.
I didn't relize I was day dreaming till someone coughed.
"Sorry, what do you want?" I ask
"Him!!!" The girl says. I stare at her confused.
"Umm he's uuhh" I didn't want to say mine because he's not.
"Zayn from one direction!!" She screams
"Ooh that's who he was" I say I have know idea who he is, I just faked it. I gave her her coffee and took a break.

Zayns pov:
"Let's go," I say
"Where?" Niall ask
"Coffee shop," I say dying to see Emma.
"Okay, food" he says jumping into the car. I drive and I hum along to the radio.
"What do you want?" I ask Niall
"Hot choclate" he says. He smiles and pushes me out the door.
I get the hot chocolate from Emma and when she's getting off work! I go to the car and hand Niall the drink.
"Where's yours?" He asks
"I didn't want one" I say
"When why did you go?" He asks
"I wanted to" I. Say not looking at him
"To see a girl!!!" He shouts!
"Noo! " I say defensively. But I end up smiling. Niall grins at me and says to me
"I knew it!" We drive and Niall quizzes me on the girl. When we get back to the house Niall walks into the door screaming
"Zayns got a crush!!! Zayns got a crush!!" I give a shy smile and sit on the couch. I hear foot steps come our way. Then I'm quizzed someone in emma
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