Age is Just a Number

Caroline is a 15-year-old girl who likes One Direction, but isn't in love with them like the rest of her friends. When one of her friends takes the four of them to meet One Direction backstage, Caroline meets five boys who will change her life forever.


17. Rumours

Caroline's POV

OMG. He didn't just do that. He said that. On live television.

I love this boy.

As soon as the show was over I texted him.

Thks, Curly Fry. Ur the best!

I ran to the computer and got on Facebook, just to see if anyone had responded.

They had.

Hey! I'm so sorry. I didn't think someone would lie like that...

U r soooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!

U and Harry r so cute 2gether!!!!!!!

There were a few not-so-nice messages mixed in, but I had expected that. A sudden thought occurred to me and I clicked away from my page and on to Ella's.

On any other day, I would be stunned at the horrible things people were saying, but after what they said to me, I wasn't surprised. Cuss words and insults were everywhere. Hannah's and Kayla's pages were just as bad, and reading through them I began to feel bad for them. I knew how horrible I felt, and something inside me just pitied them.

At that point I did the last thing I expected I would do an hour ago sitting in the bathroom of the restaurant.

I typed on my page,

Get off Ella, Hannah, and Kayla's cases, k? They made a mistake. Be the bigger person and quit hating!!!!!!

Hopefully that would stop some of them.

My phone buzzed and I jumped up and grabbed it. It was a message from Harry.

No prob :) want 2 hang l8r?


sure. where and when?


ill pick u up @ ur place, k? around...3?


sounds good :) what do i need 2 wear?


whateva u want

Just what I liked to hear.

I threw on a pair of pink shorts and a white tank top, ran a brush through my hair, and went downstairs.

"Mom!" I called. "Harry's picking me up in like an hour, okay?"

"Okay," she said. My parents didn't really care where I went or what I did.

I flopped on the couch and switched on the T.V. I flipped through the channels, and Harry's face caught my eye. It was some weird news channel, and they were talking about the interview.

"Well, I certainly didn't see that coming," the newscaster said. "Harry has publically called those girls liars! I wonder what the reaction of the public will be."

"Well, if you look on Facebook you'll see a mixed reaction. Most are apologizing to Caroline, but a few are still holding a grudge against Harry. And of course, there are quite a few angry fans for these three to deal with," the other said, and a picture of my former friends covered the screen.

"But look what Caroline posted! Looks like she still cares about her friends after all, huh, Jason?"

Then my defensive post took the picture's place on the screen.

"Let's just hope Harry's story is true and Caroline didn't put him up to that. For all we know, he could just be so infatuated with her that he'll do anything she says. I mean, let's just say she's not ugly," the man, Jason, said. A picture of me was put up on the screen.

Wait, how did they even get that? It was a picture I had taken on vacation at the beginning of the summer. I was standing in front of the ocean in a one-piece bathing suit, and my hair was in a messy bun.

It shrunk into the corner and the newscasters were visible again.

"Well, it doesn't seem likely, but it is possible that Harry would lie for her," the woman said.

How could they think that? Harry would never do something like that. I just hoped not too many people watched this channel.

"That's all we have time for today, everybody," Jason said, smiling, "but remember to tweet us your opinions and stories!"

I paused the screen and wrote down their Twitter, which had popped up at the bottom of the screen.

I sprinted back upstairs and threw myself onto my bed, where I'd left my laptop. I quickly hopped on Twitter and sent the news station a message.

How dare u say those things about Harry? He would NEVER lie! Get ur facts straight!

I hit send and sat still for a moment, staring angrily at the screen. I couldn't believe someone could even think that about Harry.

Then I noticed something on the screen I hadn't seen before. Their facebook.

I logged on to facebook and quickly located their page.

How could u even think those things? Harry is a wonderful person who would never lie, especially not for me. do you think he'd even like me if the stories were true? he's 2 good 4 that! u guys have serious issues if you believe that stuff.

I would have used a different word for stuff, but I didn't want my popularity to drop, if that was even possible.

I went back to my page to see what everyone was saying. Nothing anyone was typing told me they watched that channel. Thank goodness those rumours weren't spreading too fast.

Then I saw one that frightened me. A lot.

I know you think you're safe. You have Harry, don't you? Well, you won't for long. Or, rather, Harry won't have to deal with you for much longer. You think you're protected. YOU'RE NOT. I know where  you live. I have a gun. If you don't step away from Harry, you'll be six feet under before you know it. I suggest you be careful about what you do.

Oh, God.

I clicked on the person's profile. It was an eighteen year old girl named Rachel Nelson. She had dark blonde hair and sea green eyes. She was very pretty, and didn't look too terribly threatening. I scanned through her pictures, being careful not to like any. I didn't need her to know I'd been looking through them. She showed an incredible amount of cleavage in all of them, and in many she was drunk, and appeared to be clubbing.

When I hit older pictures,  saw that most of them involved Harry. How the heck did she know Harry?

They were kissing, hanging out...and the captions explained everything. Rachel was Harry's ex-boyfriend.

How could he possibly like someone like her? She dressed revealingly and wore a ton of makeup.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Harry.

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