Age is Just a Number

Caroline is a 15-year-old girl who likes One Direction, but isn't in love with them like the rest of her friends. When one of her friends takes the four of them to meet One Direction backstage, Caroline meets five boys who will change her life forever.


12. He's Got It Bad

Harry's POV

      "Ooooh, Harry's got another date. It's with Caroline, isn't it?" Louis yelled in a sing-song voice.

      "Who else could it be with?" Zayn called to him. I rolled my eyes and went back to combing my hair.

       "Well isn't it obvious?" Niall yelled from the kitchen. "He's in looooooooooove."

       "Shut up, guys. What do you know?" I snapped. They'd been doing this since I told them at 8:00 this morning, and it was11:15.

       "Well, we know you really like Caroline," Liam said, patting me on the back. I sighed.

       "Yeah, I guess." I started thinking about her beautiful brown eyes, wondering if she really liked me, wishing-

       "Oi!" Lou was right next to me, screaming in my ear. I started, almost knocking Liam over. "I've been yelling at you for the past minute, Harry. What were you doing?"

         I felt my cheeks get warmer as I thought of the answer to Louis's question. But before I could come up with a good answer that would satisfy him, Zayn came over.

       "He was daydreaming, Lou. About You-Know-Who," he said, raising his eyebrows at me. My cheeks grew hotter as they snickered.

       "He's got it bad," Niall said, shaking his head.

       "Oh, look, he's blushing. Come on, Haz, admit it. You really fancy Caroline, don't you?" Liam elbowed me. I rolled my eyes and went back to combing my hair. "I'll take that as a yes."

       Suddenly Louis started wailing. "No! Harry, no! You can't fancy Caroline, you fancy me! At least, I thought you did. Don't speak, Harry. Don't speak. Please. Let's not make this any harder than it already is. The love is gone, Hazzah. The love is gone. But I'll never forget you." With that he put his head in his hands and walked away pretending to sob. Niall and Zayn dashed after him, but Liam stayed back.

       "Do you? Fancy Caroline, I mean?"

       I sighed. To be honest, I knew that I did. I just wasn't quite ready to tell the rest of the boys that I really really liked her. "I don't know, Liam. I think I do. I daydream about her all the time and whenever we touch, it's like someone's shocking me."

       "That sounds like you have got it bad, mate," Liam grinned. I nodded, and turned to look at the clock. It was 11:30! "Shoot, I've got to go. Later, Liam," I called, grabbing my phone and putting my shoes on as fast as I could.

       I jumped in my car and started driving. I'd gotten directions before, so I knew basically where I was going. Before long, I'd pulled up to Caroline's address. I quickly hopped out, leaving the car running, and walked up to the door. I rang the bell and the door flew open to reveal Caroline in white shorts and a sky blue top, looking lovely as ever.

       Her smile grew wider when she saw me, and she quickly called to her parents that she was leaving. But just as she turned back to me, she froze and her eyes widened. She was looking right past me. I spun around to see three girls standing behind me. They were all glaring at Caroline, and yet trying to flirt with me at the same time. I could tell that it was about to get very awkward. In fact, it already was.


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