Age is Just a Number

Caroline is a 15-year-old girl who likes One Direction, but isn't in love with them like the rest of her friends. When one of her friends takes the four of them to meet One Direction backstage, Caroline meets five boys who will change her life forever.


8. Explaining

Harry's Point of View

      Wow...a date. It's been a long time since I went on a date with anyone. Maybe that's why Evelyn broke up with me...I never took her on dates. Ever. They were always really boring with her. I guess I should have realized our relationship was coming to an end once the dates started getting monotonous. At one point I actually dreaded going on them. But I wasn't dreading this one.

      But I didn't have long to think about it. Louis came bursting into my room shortly after I finished texting Caroline. Well, I guess I owed him an explanation. This should be interesting, I thought.

      "Well?" was all he said. But his face was so ridiculous that I couldn't help but laugh. It was as if he was trying to be serious, but in a more...Louis way. "Now is not the time for laughing, Harreh! What is your big explanation? You promised you would explain. You can't break promises!" He screamed. Zayn and Niall came in, looking confused. "What about an explanation?" Zayn asked. Niall's mouth was too full of chicken for him to say anything, but he looked quizzically at us.

      "HARRY'S KEEPING SOMETHING A SECRET AND IT HAS TO DO WITH THAT GIRL THAT WORE JEANS!!!!!" Louis screamed. Gosh, sometimes I wish Louis could be a little quieter. "Not so loudly, Lou. You don't need to wake up the whole building," I groaned. Now Liam came in. You could tell by the look on his face that he was about to go Daddy Directioner on us. "Why are you screaming, Louis? There are other people trying to sleep, you know."

      "I'm sorry," Louis whispered loudly, "but Harry's keeping a secret that he promised he would tell tonight." The lads raised their eyebrows at me. "Well why doesn't he explain?" Zayn said, looking pointedly at me. "I was going to, but then I started texting, and-" "Texting who?" Louis interrupted.

      "Now look, you're throwing my story all off course. Let me start from the beginning. I know you do, Lou, but do the rest of you believe in love at first sight?" I asked. No one answered for a bit. Finally, Zayn spoke up. "I do," he said. Niall chimed in that he did as well, but Liam continued to think. We waited silently for his verdict.

      "I think," he began slowly, picking his words carefully as he went, "that if your true love, the one you are destined to be with, bumped into you on the street and you'd never met them before in your life, you probably wouldn't fall in love. However, in certain circumstances, it is not impossible that you may fall in love at first sight." We all stared at Liam. Usually Zayn is the deep one and Liam is the goofy responsible one that cries at Toy Story 3. (But then, who didn't cry at Toy Story 3?) This was unexpected.

      "Well I do," I said firmly. "I know it exists because I felt it today when Caroline looked into my eyes." "Is Caroline the girl in the jeans?" Niall asked. Louis and I nodded in response. I looked at their faces. They all looked shocked and a little confused, as if they had to let it sink in.

      "How do you know it isn't just wanting any other girl because Evelyn broke up with you?" Liam asked. But Louis answered before I could open my mouth. "I know because he didn't want any other girl. I pointed out every single attractive lady we saw to him and he just waved them away."

      "It doesn't matter. We'll find out whether or not it's real tomorrow. When I signed her picture, I wrote her a little note and put my number on it. She texted me the pictures, see?" I held up my phone for them to look at the pictures. "And while we were texting I asked her out. She's going to meet me at the stadium tomorrow and we're going to drive down to a coffee shop near here and hang out," I finished in a rush, wanting to go to shower and go to bed.

      "Well, mate, I hope it works out for you. We need to get to bed. All of us," Papa Payne said, looking around at the lads. No one moved. "Now would be nice!" he exclaimed, and they immediately hurried out. Whew. I went to bed, but had trouble falling asleep. Her beautiful brown eyes were there every time I closed my eyes and I kept hearing her light, tinkling laugh. I worried about how tomorrow would go. I was terrified something would go wrong.

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