Age is Just a Number

Caroline is a 15-year-old girl who likes One Direction, but isn't in love with them like the rest of her friends. When one of her friends takes the four of them to meet One Direction backstage, Caroline meets five boys who will change her life forever.


9. Coffee Sure is Good

Caroline's Point of View

      I dug through my closet, throwing every piece of clothing I looked at behind me. Nothing felt right. I wore one of my favorite tops yesterday, so I couldn't wear that, but I didn't want to dress up. It was just coffee, after all. Finally I decided on a cute white top with pink polka dots all over it. I threw it on with some jean shorts and sparkly flip-flops and went to do my hair and makeup. I put on a light amount of makeup and put my long hair into a messy side braid.

      I threw my phone, wallet, and a few other things into my purse and went downstairs. I told my mom that I was meeting a friend by the arena One Direction had performed at last night, and she had agreed to drop me off there. We quickly hopped in the car and drove off.

      It was exactly 2:00 when we got there. I hopped out, told my mom I'd have my phone on at all times, and waved goodbye. I turned around, and Harry was standing right behind me. His eyes were sparkly in the afternoon sun, and I couldn't help but stare at them.


Harry's Point of View

      After I spent an twenty minutes deciding what to wear and having the lads torment me about it, it was nice to see Caroline's pretty face. She turned around and I was spellbound. We stood for a moment looking at each other, but then I realized we'd never get anywhere at this rate. I snapped myself out of it and said, "Shall we go then? The car's just around here." I led the way to the car and we hopped in. "So, where are we heading?" I asked Caroline. "Um, just up here," she pointed. I started the car and she gave me directions until we saw it. We went in and ordered some coffee, but I was immediately mobbed by fans.

      "Oh my gosh! Harry I love you!" "OMG can I have a picture with you?" "Let me through I can't see!" was all I could hear. Caroline had been lost in the crowd somewhere. Finally the kind lady running the shop came over and shooed them away. I quickly located Caroline sitting in a booth in the corner, so I sat down across from her. "Sorry," I said apologetically. "It's okay," she giggled, "I figured that would happen. I mean, you're..." "Harry Styles," I finished. "Yeah," she smiled at me. I winked, and her cheeks went bright pink. She's so adorable when she blushes.


Caroline's Point of View

      Urgh, I scolded myself, don't blush. Not now. Harry just smiled. He probably thought I was some idiot that was completely starstruck by him. Which, I kind of was. I met his eyes and quickly looked back down at the table. I could see him frown slightly out of the corner of my eye. I hoped he didn't think I didn't like him. I looked up at him. "So, your trick to winning that level of Angry Birds worked," I said, mentally slapping myself for saying something as stupid sounding as that. But it made him smile. "Oh yeah? I had hoped it would," he said grinning. Just then our coffee arrived.

      I was thinking as hard as I could to try to come up with something intelligent to say. I sipped my coffee quietly as I thought. "Coffee sure is good!" was all I could manage, and I knew that was the stupidest thing I could say. "Are you okay?" Harry asked, looking concerned. My eyes widened. "Of course! Why wouldn't I be?" I answered. "You look a little...distracted," he replied. I blushed again. Dang it. Why do I do that?

      "Yeah, um, I just...don't know what to say," I sighed. I decided I might as well just admit it. The corners of Harry's mouth rose a little. "So, you do like me? You're not just being awkward because you think I'm a creeper?" he aked. I giggled. "No! I don't know what to say because...I forget everything when I'm around people that I like," I said, looking down at the table as I spoke. I really hoped that didn't sound too creepy.


Harry's Point of View

     Did she really say that? I thought. Does she actually like me? I could feel my grin widening. "Well, I like you too," I said. Caroline looked up, her eyes shimmering. "Really?" she whispered. "Really," I whispered back. "You know what this means, don't you?" I asked her. Her eyebrows rose. "This means we'll just have to go on another date," I stated, leaning back. She smiled widely and blushed. I loved it when she blushed. It was really...cute.

      We left the coffee shop and hopped in the car. I drove away, but I didn't go back to the arena. "Where are we going?" Caroline asked, clearly confused. "You'll see," I replied.

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