A Dying Love- Harry Styles Fanfic


1. They Meet


Harry’s POV


We walk down the bleak hallways of London Hospital; it was so dreary especially in the Oncology ward I guess that cancer is very depressing after all. We walk past people in wheelchairs and others hooked up to machines wearing backless gowns walking towards what looks like their imminent death. Grim faces and frail bodies remind me of exactly where we are, a place filled with the sick and the dying a place where we were about to meet a dying 18 year old fan. I hate hospitals.

“What room is it again?” Louis asks he is not himself he is very quiet for once.

Liam pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket “ok this says 4th floor, room 15”

“Oh here it is” Niall stops outside one of the rooms

A woman in her late 40’s approaches us from the nurse’s station; she looks worn down a shell of a woman.

“You guys must be One Direction; it is so nice to meet you I’m Kate Preen, Jade’s mother”

“Oh it’s nice to meet you too” Liam shakes her hand, it looks as though he is going to break her arm, she is that frail.

“Ok so she’s just in here but she doesn’t know you guys are coming so expect some screaming”

We walk through the door to see a tiny figure with her back turned to us sleeping; she looks so peaceful her bald head reflecting the sunlight from the open curtain. She stirs as we walk in and her mother goes to her and wakes her.

“Sweetie, there are some people here to see you”

“What but nobody knows I’m here, did you tell someone?” she sits up and turns to see us standing in the doorway

“Ok mum you need to pinch me because I swear to God One Direction is standing in the doorway I think I’m hallucinating”

Her mum laughs and gives her a light pinch “darling you are not dreaming it’s really them”

Her face falls and her hands reach up to her head

“Mum why would you not tell me so that I could have put my wig on?”

“Sorry sweetie I didn’t think about that”

She walks to her closet and picks up a long blonde wig and places it rather gracefully onto her head.

“I’m sorry about that, it’s very nice to meet you” she reaches out her hand and Liam pulls her into a hug, she looks so tiny and fragile in his arms. She hugs the rest of the guys and reaches me last, I envelope her in my arms she smells like flowers and her wig is scratchy under my chin. As I pull away I see the biggest smile on her face, which makes me smile.


Jade’s POV


I am 18 and in my senior year of high school and I have cancer, to be more specific thyroid cancer.  When I was first diagnosed they told me straight up that my chances of survival where about 40% so not exactly positive, they said that they would do everything they could.  The good thing about thyroid cancer is that it doesn’t spread to any other part of your body so once it’s gone its gone but mine is quite serious. After 6 months of chemo I am hairless, tired and about to give up, my parents have done everything in their power to make me better, every dime they earn goes into my treatment. Only one thing has gotten me through these past 6 months and that is music Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd and One Direction were blasted through my headphones as that dreaded chemo poison was blasted through my body. That was when my dream came true.

I sat on my bed and watched as my favourite band grabbed chairs, they sat around my bed their eyes fixated on me. I hate attention which is one of the reasons none of my friends know I’m sick or that I may be dead in a matter of months and this was a lot of attention.


“Do you mind if I ask what you have?” Liam asks gently, as though if he talked loudly he would hurt me.

“Of course not, its thyroid cancer it’s in the neck, that’s why I have this bandage of my neck”

“Is it bad?” piped up Zayn

“Yeah it is I’m afraid, they don’t think I will make it much longer”

“I’m so sorry” Zayn whispers

“It’s ok, although it’s kinda weird telling people that I’m dying, my parents refuse to hear it they believe that some miracle will get rid of the cancer and make me all better but I know it doesn’t work that way”

“Are you doing chemo?” Niall asks also very quietly.

“Yeah I have for the last 6 months” I wanted to mention that it was the reason why I’m bald and 100 pounds, chemo takes a lot out of you

“Why did you want to meet us?”

“You’re my favourite band; your music has kinda helped during those longer hours sitting in a chair while chemo is happening”

“I’m so glad our music has helped you” Louis says “can I ask why you haven’t told anyone that you’re sick”

“Because it’s easier, it’s easier than watching people be brought down with me, my parents have been dragged down and I hate that” a tear crept down my cheek, I didn’t mean to cry but I hate what I have done to my parents. They have spent every dime they earned on me and had to put a mortgage on our house, I hate this so much. Cancer sucks.


Harrys POV


I had been sitting there quietly for over 10 minutes while the lads asked her every question they could think of, I couldn’t do it, I hated watching this bubbly girl answer questions. I watched as Louis’ question had brought her to tears, I stood up and walked over to her, sat on her bed and enveloped her in my arms. She started bawling into my chest, her mum rushed in after hearing her crying she looked so worried.

“What did you say?”

“We are so sorry, perhaps we should go” Liam hated upsetting people and stood up to go

“Yes perhaps you should” her mum snapped at us as she pushed me aside and hugged her daughter


We walked back down those dreary halls but all I could think about is that fragile young girl who we had upset so badly, I felt very guilty this was supposed to be a happy surprise for her and we had ruined it with our probing questions. As soon as we had left the hospital the boys had returned to their normal happy selves, I couldn’t get that tear soaked girl off my mind.






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