Love is four letters of hope

Ok so first this is my first story. its about this girl named Riley. she meets Niall from one direction and distantly falls in love with him as does Niall. Now please walk with me through this one nail biting (hopefully) love story. (Please tell me what u think!) Xoxo ~R~


1. Meeting HIM


It was about 7:30 in England. I was waiting in my car outside a McDonalds for some quick late dinner. I was on my way to the new flat I bought. I moved here from Australia. It was a dreary day; it was pouring, sleeting acutally, as I ran through the door on the sticky ground. 'Ugh' I mumbled to myself and remembered how much I hated McDonalds . I waited in line for about 10 minutes. As I was nearing the front to place my order I heard a faint screaming that was getting closer. Then, I saw blinding lights of cameras through the glass windows. I looked over in curiosity. I saw a male figure with his hood over his face as he ran in and slammed the door in their faces He was being mobbed by what I guess was fans and paparazzi . The hooded figure finally took his hood off. The guy had goregous blond hair and beautiful baby blue eyes. He groaned and cursed, " Why can't I go fucking anywhere without being mobbed?!"
I stiffled a laugh as he go in line behind me. I turned to him and smiled looking into his eyes with confusion. 'Where have I seen him before?' I thought. And then it hit me. I stared at him singing my eyes as I made out a irritated Niall Norah standing behind me in line. At a McDonalds . I turned around shocked and I could feel his eyes looking at me even though I wad turned around. I felt him smile and say in his cute Irish accent , "hi."
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