A Harry Styles Love Story

With Louis engaged Harry realises that he wants to find love but will she return the feelings.


2. the next night

Louis’ POV

My eyelids heavy from exhaustion as I sink into my soft bed and just as I was drifting off my phone started ringing loudly.

“Hello” I said trying to not sound sleepy

“I am telling you mate I think I’m in love but what am I supposed to do” Harry drunkenly yells through the phone

“Harry, what are you talking about?”

“Casey, I think I love her”

“Mate what are talking about she has a boyfriend doesn’t she?”

“So what does it ma…matterr, I’m Harry freaking Styles”

“Harry, where are you?”

“I don’t really know but I have met some lovely girls who wanted to take me home and do bad things to me and all I could think about was her”

“Fuck Harry where are you? I will come get you”

“Ok that’s prob...Probably a good idea, you know that bar we went to last week…weekend”


“Well it’s not that one but it beside it”

“Ok give me 15mins”


I hung up the phone and threw on a Jack Wills hoodie and track pants, it was cold in my car I guess it is winter but still its bloody cold so I blast the heating on full which ends up giving me a photo-shoot hair swept back look. I arrive outside the bar and spot Harry surrounded by a group of rather slutty looking girls. I wind down my window and shout out to Harry.

“Oi Harry get in the car” it takes him a moment to spot me and as he turns to leave he starts vomiting all over some poor girls shoes. A shrill scream from the girl alerts everyone to Harry’s presence and I have to leap out of my car and thrust Harry into the front seat and hand him the vomit bucket I brought.

“I am so sorry Boo Bear”

“What for Harry?”

“For waking you up”

“that’s alright mate, perhaps you should hold the bucket closer” as I say this he starts vomiting everywhere “really mate keep it in the bucket”

“Sorry” Harry groans with his head in the bucket

“You don’t have to keep apologising”

“What am I going to do?” he says with his head still firmly in the bucket

“About what mate”

“About Casey, Lou what am I going to do?”

I stifle a giggle about the fact that in his very drunken state he had managed to rhyme.

“What’s so funny?” Harry says sitting upright and looking straight at me

“You’re rhyming Haz” Harry starts chuckling and then promptly has to stop and vomit again

I pull into my driveway and I have to half drag Harry inside carrying his bucket of vomit. I take the bucket from him and wash it out in the Laundry sink I then put Harry in the spare room.

“Lou, Lou?”

“Yeah Harry?”

“Where is El?”

“Oh she’s at her flat”

“Why? I thought you two were moving in together”

“Mate we kind of had an argument about the band”

“What about it?”

“I told her that I wanted to take a break from the band but she said I shouldn’t, that I would let everyone down and it kind of escalated from there” as I finish talking a hear soft snores coming from inside the room.


The Next Morning

Harry walk into the kitchen looking rather worse for wear

“Ok can you please tell me how I got here cos I really don’t remember?”

“Of course you don’t mate, you were completely wasted”

“Oh god I don’t even want to know, thanks for getting me Lou”

“Ha-ha you were hilarious though, blithering on about how you were in love with Casey”

“Oh god I didn’t call her did I?”

“I don’t know mate check your phone”

Harry goes to the spare room and grabs his phone; he then puts his head in his hands.


“What’s wrong mate?”

“I called her mate I fucking called her, what am I going to?”

“You need to talk to her and sort it out”

“I know but I’m kind of scared”

“What if you go to the studio? I was talking to Savan and he is working on her new album with her at the moment”

“Do you think I should go and take her to lunch and talk about it?”

“Yes you should do exactly that mate”

“Can you drop me back home now then, what is the time anyway?”

“Its 10:30 so if we go now you can get to the studio in time to take her to lunch”


12o’clock at the studio

Harry’s POV


“Hey Harry”

“Hey Casey what are you doing here?”

“I’m working on my new album, what are you doing here?”

“I just came by to say hey to everyone; actually now that you’re here I want to talk to you”

“Oh real, well I guess I could grab lunch, I’ll just tell everyone to take an hour for lunch or something”

“Cool I know a great place near here”

She walks away to tell everyone she’s working with to take lunch and comes back 5min later with Savan in tow.

“So it’s Hazza that’s dragging you away is it?”

“Yeah it is that a problem Kotecha”

“No it’s not because Savan is taking his wife to lunch”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes you do because you love her and if you wish to continue getting laid then you will take her to lunch and perhaps the entire afternoon” she winks at Savan as he jumps in his car and toots as he drives off.

Ok so this is the end of the second chapter YAY

Do you guys like it? I hope so but if not let me know what i shoudl do to make it better.

Thanks for reading lovelies


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