A Harry Styles Love Story

With Louis engaged Harry realises that he wants to find love but will she return the feelings.


1. the engagement

Harry’s POV

A single tear slipped down his cheek and the biggest smile crept over his face, he stood there beaming as though he had won the lottery. I have to admit I had never seen him so happy and that was the moment I knew he was ready.

“It’s perfect” he whispers to me “do you think El will like it?”

“Yeah Lou she will love it”

He held the ring in his hand, it was beautiful but in my heart I felt sad because I knew that if he married Eleanor I was going to lose my Boo-Bear, I was afraid it would be the end of One Direction.

We had been on stage for 1 hour and I could tell that the box was burning a hole in Louis’ pocket.

“Now we have something special, Eleanor could you please come onstage” Louis asks, he looks very nervous. I went and got Eleanor from backstage.

“Harry what’s going on?”

“Don’t worry El, just come on stage”

El comes on stage with me looking very confused and walks over to Louis, he smiles at her which reassures her.

He went down on his knee and slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box, he opened it slowly to reveal a beautiful ring of a large diamond surrounded by small emeralds. Eleanor’s face lit up as Louis asked her the important question

“Eleanor Jane Calder I love you with all my heart, will you marry me?”

Eleanor gasps and bursts into tears “yes, yes of course I will”

They hugged and it felt like a moment out of a movie. I was happy for them but I couldn’t stop thinking about how this could be the end of our band and I hate that I could be alone. I haven’t had a steady relationship with anyone since Caroline and I have been fine with the casual hook ups but I wanted something more, I wanted something more with Casey. Casey was the singer who we had done a duet with about a year ago, she was beautiful and talented but when we worked with her she had been in a long term relationship with her high school boyfriend. They had since broken up and it had been revealed in an interview that he had cheated on her and broken her heart, in the same interview she had talked about her crush on someone in the One Direction, I had a feeling it was Zayn because the two of them had connected but in the back of my mind I had hoped it was me.

We finished the show with I Remember You, a song from our third album and the same song that we did a duet with Casey. I have to tell her; otherwise I will be filled with regret. We leave after the show to the Funky Buddha Club to celebrate Louis’ engagement; the official party is not for a few weeks but the unofficial party is tonight.

“Dude I can’t believe you’re the first of the boys to get engaged, I always thought it would be Liam here but what do you know” Andy hugs Louis as Stan and Louis’ other Doncaster mates arrive at the club with a huge bottle of champagne the kind of novelty one that you see in movies.

Danielle arrives soon after which starts an awkward exchange between her and Liam, even after their break up they vowed to remain friends especially because her and El are good friends. They hug and she walks over to El to congratulate her, I have never seen Louis or El so happy and it reminds me of what i want. Happiness

It was just the start of an epic night and already I wanted to leave after all it was a night spent celebrating love which I haven’t felt in a long time.

“You alright mate” I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see Liam

“Yeah I’m alright; it’s just weird you know, Lou being engaged and stuff it feels like everything’s going to change”

“Mate that’s a little melodramatic, Lou isn’t going to change and that’s the important part”

“Yeah I guess but it’s still going to be weird”

“True, even this party is weird with Dani being here and everything”

“Yeah are you alright with that?”

“I guess so it’s just unexpected, you don’t really expect to see your ex two years after you break up and still have feelings for her you know”

“That sucks, I’m sorry”

“Na it’s alright I just don’t know how to act around her”

“Have you talked to her much?”

“No not really I just gave her a hug and came over here to talk to you”

“Fair enough it’s going to be a long night for you then huh”

“Yeah let’s go get a drink and chat to those girls over there”

Liam points to a group of pretty young girls who are friends of Eleanor’s from uni.

“Yeah alright mate”

The three girls were all El’s age and had been studying politics with her at Cambridge, they were all slightly drunk and I really don’t have the patience for girls swooning over Liam.

“Harry yoo-hoo earth to Harry” Katie waves a hand in front of my face, Katie is a pretty girl with long blonde hair which actually seems to glisten in the light but I guess even she can’t take my mind off Casey.


“That’s alright, what were you thinking about?”

“A girl”

“Fair enough, why don’t you tell me about her? I don’t mind”

“Are you sure I think it will just bore you?”

“Not at all, i have a boyfriend so im not exactly interested in being hit on by other guys”

“Well her name is Casey Evans”

“oh the singer, I adore her music, does she know you like her?”

“no im afraid not, because she has a boyfriend”

“no she doesn’t mate, they broke up”

“what why?”

“apparently he cheated on her with some model or something, here it is I read it here” She shows me a webpage on her phone which outlines Casey’s “tragic’ breakup.

I excuse myself and walk outside to call her.

“Hey you’ve reached Casey’s phone, I cannot come to the phone right now please leave a message after the beep”

“Hey Casey its Harry Styles here, I just heard about Derek call me if you ever need to talk babe, bye”

I walked back inside and continued to help Louis celebrate an amazing night but in the back of my mind I was always thinking about her.


Ok this is the end of chapter 1

I hope that you like it but if you have any comments that could help me that would be great, positive or negative i dont mind.

Thanks for reading lovelies





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