What Happened?

Harry Styles is my best friend. We hang out almost everyday and he sleeps over so often, he has his own room. Not that he sleeps there, he always sleeps with me. But then he tried out for the X-Factor and we couldnt see each other. We talk all the time though. Skype, texting, FaceTime, or just talking on the phone.

I havent seen him in 2 years and I have changed dramaticly. What happens?


1. Memories and Reunions

I smiled as I looked at the pictures from all the years of Harry and I. I pulled down my favourite one. Harry and I were smiling at the camera, soaking wet. His curls were almost black and sticking to his face. My long brown hair was behind me. It may be the only picture of me in a bathing suit. I used to be fat. Almost 250 pounds at the age of 16.



"But JJ," he wined. "You never swim with me!"

"Harry, put me down." I said.

He obeyed and lowered me to the ground. "You know, with all that lifting you do with me, I'm surprised you're not a body builder."

"JJ, you're not fat," he said.

"Harry, I've accepted that I'm overweight." I said.

"Well, unaccept it, because you're not fat."


"Sush and swim with me!'


"Pleaaaaaaaseeee," he begged.

"Harry, no-"

I felt my body fly into the air and I waved my arms out to catch something. But all I felt was more air. I let out a scream, then sucked in a breath. I hit the water, and kicked my way back to the surface. I wiped my eyes and gasped when I surfaced and swam to the edge of the pool.

"HARRY, I'M GOING TO-"  I started but when I saw nobody standing outside of the pool, I stopped and turned around.

Too late.

Harry yanked my hips down and pulled me underwater. I knew that he would do anything in his power to keep me in the water, so I just enjoied myself. I splashed with him. I played Marco Polo with him. I floated on my back with him. And we even had swimming races.

"Harry!" My mother's voiced gasped. We turned and saw her looking at us like she was going crazy. "I need a picture! JJ is in the pool!" she yelled to the house.

My dad and two older twin brothers came out and gave us the same look. I rolled my eyes and Harry laughed. We climbed out of the pool and walked over to my mom. She got her camera and told us to "smile!"


"JJ, you ready?" My mom yelled.

"Coming!" I yelled back. I looked myself over again.

I was wearing a simple white shirt and my old cheerleading spanks, it was only family, and simple makeup. I slid on my white flip flops and my "Best" braclet.

I bet you can guess who has the other half.

In case you cant, it's Harry.


"Mum, why are you nervous?" I asked.

We were sitting in Anne's living room, waiting for Harry to come back. Anne was making tacos in the kitchen, Gemma was on her way home, and my brothers and dad were on a camping trip.

"Hun, we havent seen him in 2 years. He hasnt seen you in two years."

"I've FaceTimed him." I stated.

"You kids and your gizmos and gagets-" My mom said.

But she got cut off by the voice I missed the most in my whole life. The same deep, slightly sexy, perfect timing voice.


My head turned and I saw Harry standing in the doorway. His curls were so messy, it was perfect. He was wearign a white v-neck and dark jeans. I noticed the "Friends" braclet resting on his wrist and smiled.

"HARRY!" I yelled and jumped over the back of the couch to give him a hug.

He dropped his things and opened his arms just in time for me to plunge into them. He stumbled back from my momentum, and almost hit the wall. But he saved himself and laughed into my, now blonde, hair. He spun me around and I wrapped my legs around his never-ending torso.

"I missed you so much!" he said into my hair.

"I missed you too!" I said and he put me down.

"Harry!" My mum yelled. He gave her a hug too.

"MUM! I SMELL TACOS!" he yelled and we all laughed.

"AND I SMELL MY BROTHER!" a new familar voice said.

We all turned and saw Gemma standing in the door way wearing shorts and a tank top. She gave her brother a hug and we all sat down in the kitchen, and ate our tacos.

"Good times." Harry and I mumbled and smiled at each other.

               *      *                                    ***************

     *        *                     *                     *

*             *                     *                        *

               *                     *                        *

               *                     *                        *

********************          ******************


Gahh, so this is new, I'm new, and yeah....feedback is welcomed. I hoped you liked it. If no, tell me and I'll take it down, PINKY SWEAR.

BTW: I am american, sorry, if i  like messed up the british things, i'm trying

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