Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


95. Wrapping it up!

I guess I haven't even started to work on my own issues, or my issues with my mother, but that all takes awhile right?  Liam, my sweet Liam and I are in love and still going strong as of today. But, bear this in mind relationships don't last forever or do they?   

THANK YOU FOR READING! I hope you enjoyed, and you can read the sequel "Meant to Be" where Claire and Liam have some trouble in paradise, and lots of twists and  turns happen. 


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