Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


55. What to do....?

Everyone sat back down, except for Eleanor and Louis. 

"You guys can start the movie- we'll be back in a little while", Louis said.  Zayn turned the tv back on, and unpaused the movie.  As the movie started up again, Liam put his arm around me, and I snuggled my head on his chest.  About a half an hour or so later, Louis came in the room where we were all watching the movie, and said "Claire, Elle wants to talk to you.  I nodded, and Liam kissed the top of my forehead.

I got up, and walked into Eleanor and Louis's room.  Then, I sat down next to Eleanor on their bed. 

She was crying, so I gave her a hug.

"Thanks for comming, Claire", she said.  I nodded.

"Of course, El", I said. 

She whiped her eyes, and stopped crying for a minute. "I don't know what to do", she said.

"Well, atleast you and Louis will be great parents, if you keep the baby", I said.

"Oh, we're keeping the baby", Eleanor said. 

"Eleanor, my sister is pregnant, and she's your age", I said. 

"Really?", Eleanor said. "I mean, I knew she was pregnant, but I thought she was older and married", Eleanor said.

"Well, she was engaged....but her fiance died in a war", I said. 

"That's terrible!", Eleanor said.  "Atleast I have Louis, and even though we're not married, I know he'll help me with the baby", she said.  I nodded. 

"I mean, I know you don't really want a baby right now, but you and Louis can make it work", I said. She smiled at me.

"Yes we can, and my mum can't hold a grudge for 8 months, or however long until I give birth to this thing", she said, rubbing her stomach.  I laughed. 

"Thanks, C you're the best", Eleanor said.

"Anytime", I said, giving her a hug.   Then, we headed back by the others.

When we got in the room, I realized that Liam wasn't in there.

"He's on the phone, in the kitchen", Harry said, snuggiling Abby. 

I smiled at him, and headed towards the kitchen.  There, I found Liam on my phone, and I think he was talking to my sister.  Liam hugged me, and looked really happy.

"Tiffany, if you want to talk to Claire you can", Liam said.  Then, he handed the phone over to me, and we held hands.

"Hey Tiff", I said.

"Hey, Auntie Claire", she said.

"Shutup", I said.

"No joke!", she said.

"Oh my god that's so exciting! Boy or girl?", I said.

"It's a boy", she said, sounding happy.

"What did you name him?", I asked.

"James Michael", she said.

"Aww that's so adorable! You better send me pictures", I said.  "And how's mom with this?", I asked.

"Well ,mostly good, but she was complaining about how you're never home and stuff, which isn't true because you were just home for six whole months", she said.

"Oh my, how is she with the baby?", I said.

"She's physed, but the most excited one of all is Daisy.  Her eyes lit up when she first saw James", Tiffany said. 

"Wow, I can't wait to meet him", I said. 

"Oh, and one more thing- you're the godmother", Tiffany said. 

"Seriously?", I said. 

"Seriously", she said.  "Also, sorry sis, but I've gotta go- James is crying, and i'm exausted", Tiff said.

"Bye T love ya", I said.

"Love ya", she said.  Then, we both hung up. 

Liam hugged me, and kissed my lips.

"I'm an aunt and a godmother now", I said.  Liam smiled.

"That's exciting; your sister seemed really happy about the baby, unlike before", Liam said.

"I know, and i'm glad for her", I said, smiling.  Then, Liam and I grabbed hands, and walked into the other room, where everyone else was.

"My sister just had her baby today", I said.  Harry's eyes lit up, and he paused the movie. 

"That's so exciting", Harry said.  "I love babies", he added,  I laughed.  Eleanor smiled, and Louis put his hand on Eleanor's belly.  Everyone just seemed..happy. 

After talking for awhile about the baby, Zayn goes "I'm her favourite, right?".

"Yeah", I said, nodding.  He stood up.  "What if I call her then, and congratulate her on the baby", he said. 

"I think she would, like die", I said, laughing and smiling. 

Then, Zayn punched in her number, and called her.

"Hello, Tiffany this is Zayn", he said, the phone was on speaker phone, so we all could hear. 

"For real?", she said, sounding really excited, but not screaming.

"For real", he said.  "I was calling you to congratulate you for your new baby", he said.

"Thanks so much Zayn", she said. 

"Anytime", he said. 

"Bye, and good luck to you", he said.

"Thanks, bye", she said.

I got up, and gave Zayn a hug. "Oh Zayn, you're the best", I said. 

"Not any better than me", Niall said, hugging me and Zayn.

"Yeah, but she loves me the most, so ha", Liam said, hugging just me, now. 

"Yeah, but i'm the best", Harry said.

"No, i'm better", Louis said.  Then, we all bursted out in laughter.

"Actually, guys i'm the best", I said. 

"True", Liam said, kissing my cheek after. 

Then, we all sat down, and Liam said

"We're all going out to dinner in less than two hours, so you all better get ready", Liam said, scooping me up in his arms.

"Ok Daddy", Zayn says.

"I'm the only father here at the moment", Louis said, picking up Eleanor.  She looked so happy, and so did he.  They were gonig to be fantastic parents! 

Liam carried me up the stairs, and threw me on the bed.  I giggled, sat up, and went over to my suitcase.  I pulled out the low-cut dress I bought in New York.  Then, I started getting dressed, but I needed Liam's help zipping up my dress.  I think I caught him blushing as he was zipping it. 

Liam looked HOT, and he told me I looked absolutley beautiful, because sexy was too much of an understatement.   I just smiled at him, and he winked at me.  I looked back as to say "I really want to, but just not yet", and I think he totally understood what I was trying to say ,so he just nodded, and wrapped his arms around my waist, and we kissed for awhile, but Harry opened the door on us. 

"Let's go", he said.  We kept kissing.

"HELLO, get off of eachother, and let's goooo", Harry said.  We pulled away, and I held Liam's hand. 





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