Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


35. We're Home

After the looong flight, I was home.  We pulled in my driveway, and Liam gave me a big kiss on the lips. 

"Thank you for joinig me, Claire", liam said. 

"I had an amazing time, thank you for having me Liam", I said.  He hugged me tight.

"I will call you every day while i'm at the holiday house with the boys, and I promise I will see you on your birthday.  Then, he handed me an envelope. 

"What's this?", I asked. 

"Oh...just a little spending money for New York", Liam said.

"Oh, Liam I can't just take this money from you", I responded.

"It wouldn't be taking if i'm giving it to you",  He said. 

"Thank you, Liam", I said.  "You make me feel like i'm a princess", I added. \

"As long as I get to be your prince", Liam said.  We both laughed, he kissed me one last time, I grabbed my luggage, and watched the limo pull out of the driveway.

'HELLO?", I yelled.  Daisy ran and gave me a hug. 

"Mommy's not here yet, but Tiff is", she said. 

"Tiffany!", I yelled.

"Claire!", she yelled, running and giving me a hug. 

"So, I no longer like magazines...or Danielle Peazer", I said.

"Oh, so the Danielle part's true", Tiffany asked.

"Oh no, but I got into a fight with Danielle over the phone.  I was sticking up for Liam", I said.

"Well, thats bull shit, because you wouldn'tve gotten into a fight if that stupid magazine didn't make a fake article", Tiffany said.

"I know it is", I said.

I sat down next to Tiffany on the couch.  "How was it?", she asked. 

"Like a dream!", I added.

"Please tell me you're still a virgin", Tiff stated.

"Ok, mom, I still am", I said. Tiffany laughed. 

"Speaking of mom, where is she?", I asked. 

"Oh, she went away for the weekand because grandma needed help moving into her new house", Tiffany said.

"What a well-thought-out-excuse", I said.

"Don't even get me started", Tiffany said.

"Where are the boys", I asked.

"At dad's", Tiffany replied.

"Eew", Daisy piped in from the other room.  I laughed.

"So, tell me everything", Tiffany said.

I told her about my unforgettable trip. 

"C, you're on the cover of Seventeen", Daisy screeached.

"Great, ler's see what shit they can make up about me", I said. 

I flipped through the magazine.  Then, I found the article about me. 


"This should be good", Tiffany whispered.  Daisy giggled.

"Claire's birthday is April 27.  She is 15, but will be 16 in a little over a week.  That makes her over 4 years younger than Liam.  "Her favorite color? PURPLE! Same as Payne's!"  "She admits that she's quite clumbsy; so is Liam!"  They are a perfect match, and are clearly in love.  They have been spotted all over- in Claire's hometown, and in Liam's".  Then, there were pictures of us kissing and holding hands.  "Liam says he really, trluy loves Claire, so we should support that!  So, what do you guys think of Lilair forever?".  Then, I put the magazine down, smiling.

"I'll rephrase that- I hate magazines, except Seventeen", I said. 

Tiffany snatched the magazine article from me, and read it.  She smiled.  "Seventeen doesn't lie", She said. 









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