Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


20. We finally arrive...well not quite

Finally, the plane landed.  We grabbed our luggage, and headed for a taxi, with securitys help, of course.  I saw some rude comments about me on posters, but I didn't let that bother me.  Usually it would, but Liam said he would protect me, and he loves me. That's all that matters!

We were sitting in the taxi and Liam goes "I just want you to know that my eldest sister, Nicola and I...don't really get along".

"Why?", I asked, looking out the window, viewing London around me.

"Well, its a long story, but we always faught as kids, because she would always boss me around, and she was mean to me", he said. "Then, when she became older, she became more of a party girl, and I don't like that", Liam said. "So ,we fight...a lot", he said.

"Oh, I see", I said.  "What about Ruth", I added.

"Ruth and i get along quite well, but alike other siblings, we fight occasionally", he told me.

I nodded.  "So, are we in London right now", I asked.

"Yes", he respoded.  We are about 2 1/2 hours away from my house, if the traffic isn't too bad", he said.  I rested my head on his sholder, and looked into his eyes. "You have beautiful eyes", I told him.

"As do you", he said.  I laughed.

"What is so funny", he said, teasing.

"Oh, nothing", i said. "Your accent is just so cute", I added, blushing.

He smiled.  Then, my phone rang.  It was Eleanor. 

"Hello?", I said.

"Oh, hi", she said. "How are you enjoying your time in England", she said. 

"Amazing, even though we're in a cab right now", I said.

"Oh, really? Still?", she said.

"Yeah, its been a long travel day", I told her.  

Then, her voice got real quite, and she sounded sad.

"What's the matter, Elle?", I said.

"I got into a fight with Louis this morning, and I failed my exam because of it", she said.

"Oh no! Why?", I asked her.

"Well, it was really stupid", she said.

"Yeah, but still tell me", I responded. 

She told me, and started crying.

"Oh, don't cry", I said. "Did you tell him you love him and your sorry?", I asked.

"I tried calling him but he wouldn't pick up", Eleanor said.

Liam picked up his phone and dialed Louis' number.

"Oh, well Liam's calling him right now", I told her.

"Ok", she said, still upset.

"You know what you need...girls weekand", I told her.

"I know, and I can hardly wait", she said.

"Me either!", I said. 

"Have you ever been to New York before?", she asked me, now sounding cheerfull. 

"No, have you?", i said.

"Yeah, but only once or twice", she said.

"Liam told me that he wants to talk to you quick, so I'm going to hand my phone over to him", I said.

"Okay, bye", she said.

"Bye", I said.  I handed Liam my phone, and he handed me his.  "Its Louis", he said, quietly. 

I took the phone. "Hi, Louis", I said.

"Hello", he said back.

"Did you talk to Eleanor?", he asked.

"Yeah", I said.  "She sounded really upset", I said.

"I know, i'm a fucking idiot and i really screwed up", Louis said.

"Well, its not too late to fix it, because she still loves you, Lou", I told him.

"Ok", he said. "And, thanks Claire.  Welcome to the 1D family!", he said.

"Oh, thanks it means alot, and I'm always happy to help", I said, smiling. "Now, you go talk to your girl- don't keep her waiting", I told him.

"Okey dokey", he said. "Bye, and enjoy your time in lovely England", he said.

"Bye, and thank you; I will", I responded.


Finally, we arrived to Liam's neighborhood.  It was pretty, but small, and the houses weren't mansions, like I guessed they would be.  They all looked like nice, big homes you would find somewhere in the suburbs in my hometown. Then, Liam said "That's my house".  It was beautiful!







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