Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


89. Vacation is over again :(

The next couple days flew by super fast.  But, right now it was 3:30 am, and Liam was trying to get my ass out of bed. 

He sang to me, which didn't help but it usually did. 

"Five more minutes!", I insisted. 

"Babe,you've been saying that for the last fifteen minutes", Liam said.  Then he tickled me. 

"Stop it, i'm up!", I said, spranging out of bed, feeling extremely tired. 

"I got you this", he said handing me a Starbucks, my favorite kind. 

"Thanks sweetie", I said.  He kissed the top of my head. 

"Our flight leaves in like, 2 hours so you might wanna get ready now", he said.  I nodded, still extremely exausted, starting to get undressed. 

I pulled a pair of Victorias Secret swetpants on, threw a tshirt and one of Liam's hoodies on. 

"You know Claire that's my hoodie", he said, wrapping his arms around me.

"Yah I know, but it's comfy", I said, hugging Liam. 

I did my hair and makeup and then we went downstairs. 

We said our goodbyes, then we were out the door, heading into a limo. 

"Ready?", Liam said as we arrived at the airport, with security instantly surrounding us, and paparatzies sticking their noisy heads in our buisness, as usual. 

When we eventually were on our plane, my phone rang.  It was my mom, so I ignored it.  Then, she called 5 more times, so I finally anwsered. 

"What?", I said.  "This better be important", I added.

"Where are you?", she asked. 

"In a plane to California now", I responded. 

"Where were you?", she asked. 

"England and Hawaii, but why do you care?", I replied. 

"Whatever.  So why didn't you anwser the phone right away?", she asked.

"I think you can anwser that question, but if you're just calling to yell at me then.....", I said ,being interrupted. 

"N0, actually I was calling to tell you that your sister was in a car crash, and is in the E.R.", she said. 

"No, you're lying", I ssaid, tears running down my cheeks as Liam hugged me tight ,and tried to dry the rush of tears from my eyes, even though he had exactly no idea of what was happening right now.

"No, Claire.  I'm serious.  She's unconciuos right now and she lost alot of blood", my mom told me. 

"We'll be there as soon as we can, but it's gonna be a few hours", I replied. 

"Ok thanks", my mother replied. 

"I'm not doing this for you it's only for Tiffany", I said.  

"That's fine. You've always been a better sister than a daughter", my mom said.  With that, those words stung I hung up the phone before I would start saying thing i'm not sure I would mean, and I wanted to make it as much about my sister's health today, not my fucked up relationship with my mom.  

Liam hugged me tightly ,and stopped trying to wipe away my tears because he knew it was useless. 

"Claire what happened?", he asked me finally after letting me cry my eyes out for long enough. 

" sister was in a serious car crash..and she's in the.....the.....the E.R right now", I said, crying each time my voice paused. 

Liam kissed my lips.  "Is there anything I can do to help?", he asked, a tear comming down his cheek now. 

"Come with me to the hospital I can't go alone", I replied. 

"Of course babe", he said, then he stopped my tears with a kiss, but not just any kiss, no better than anyone I've ever recieved. 

The plane landed, we rushed to the hospital.  When I walked into Tiffany's room, I dropped everything and screamed......   








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