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A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


59. Time to go home

(back to Claire's pov)

Liam and I were lying in bed, about to go to sleep.  I was snuggled up on his chest, and his arms were wrapped around me.

'So, we're all going to visit my sister tomorrow, right?", I said.

"Right", Liam said.  "Then, eveyone is staying until Sunday, except i'm staying until Wednesday", Liam added.

"Sounds good", I said.  "What did Paul say at the meeting?", I asked. 

"That we have to do a tour, starting next month till the second week of Febuary straight through", Liam said. 

"So, we won't even be able to see eachother on Christmas?", I said, sadly. 

"I'm pissed.  Believe me, we all are, especially Louis, because Paul kept yelling at him about Eleanor", Liam said.

"I will miss you terribly", I said.  Liam kissed the top of my head.

"I will miss you terribly too", he said. 

Then, we fell asleep, holding eachother.  I woke up to the sound of the alarm.

Liam rolled over, and turned it off.  He pulled me closer.  "let's just lay here for a little bit", Liam said.  I smiled.

"I have no problem with that", I said.  We must've fallen back asleep, because Louis was throwing pillows at us.

"Get up you two", he said. 

"Ok, daddy", Liam said.

"Hey, I'm the only one here that's a dad, so get up", Louis said.  Liam and I rolled out of bed, and Liam threw a pillow at Louis as he was exiting the room.  We both got dressed, ready, and headed downstairs.   

 "It's about time", Niall said as we came down the stairs.

"Lets goooo", Zayn said. 

Then, our bags were thrown into a coach bus, and we were headed to the airport. 

"There better be a starbucks there", Eleanor said.

"I agree", I agreed.


We finally arrived at the airport, headed down the concorse, and found a starbucks. 

"I'll have a large double-blended iced mocha with double-shot of espresso, lowfat milk, and whipped cream", I said.  Everyone else ordered, and we drank our coffes while waiting for the plane. 


The plane FINALLY arrived, an hour late, and we boarded.  It was a private plane, so only the ten (or should I say 11 *baby Tomlinson*), and two pilots were on the plane.  I sat next to Liam, and across from us was Demi and Niall.  Demi and I talked basically the whole way there, whilst Liam and Niall mostly slept.  The looked really tired!


We landed safetly, and were headed in cabs to my sister's apartment.  When we got there, Tiffany was siked, and surprised to see everyone there.  She said she was only expecting Liam and I, and she just about died when Zayn hugged her. 

Daisy was there, and when she saw Harry, she started crying because she was so happy. 

Harry picked her up, and kissed her on the cheek, and she was screaming!  She was screaming so loud she woke up the baby....THE BABY!

I ran over to the room where I heard my nephew crying, and I picked him up.  He was the cutest little thing, and he stopped crying when I kissed his little fingers.  He was so gentle, and so adorable!  I carried him over to Tiffany, and everyone was hovering arond him.

"I wanna hold him!", Harry said, putting Daisy back down.  Tiffany gently lifted James over to Harry, and Harry's eyes lit up.  "Hi James, you're so little!  I want a little boy of my own". 

Abby said "Oh Harry, not yet".  Then, Liam held him, and everyone else took their turn.  When everyone was done holding him, he fell asleep in tiffany's arms, and she carried him into his little crib.  Tiffany came back, and anwsered the door. 

"Pizza's here", she said.

"Yummm, I'm hungry", Niall said. 

"When aren't you hungry?", Zayn said.  We all started to eat, and then Liam said "Where's Harry and Daisy?".

I stood up.  "Let's find them".  Liam stood up, and took my hand.  We found them in James's room, playing with Daisy's One Direction barbies. 

"Ummm, time to eat", I said. 

"We're playing", Daisy said, giggling.

"Well, you can play later, but it's time to eat", I said. 

'Fiiiiine", Daisy said.  Harry picked her up, and set her down in the kitchen.

"Someone's jealous", Liam whispered to Harry, but just loud enough so I could hear. 

"Wait, Abby's jealous?", Harry whispered back.

"Yah", Liam whispered back.

"Of a 8 year old, seriously?", Harry whispered back.

"You shold talk to her", Liam whispered back, and then pulled me into the kitchen with him.  Harry led Abby into an empty room, and I assumed he was going to talk to her.  They came back out a few minutes later holding hands, so I figured they worked it out. 

After we were all done eating, baby James was crying again.  This time, Louis and Eleanor went to get him.

"Well, they need all the practice they can get", Perrie said.

"Oh, so that's true?', Tiffany said.  I nodded. 

"You never know what to believe in magazines. so I wasn't sure", Tiffany said.  We stayed in the kitchen, and chatted for a little while longer.  I went into the living room, and saw Eleanor holding the baby, and it was almost sleeping in her arms.   Louios was sitting at her side, holding her hand and singing a lulaby to James.

It crossed my mind that they don't need tons of practice being parents, they're naturals at it.

"You guys are going to be fantastic parents", I said. Eleanor smiled.

"Thanks, C", she said.

"You're welcome, Mrs. Tomlinson", I said.  She giggled.

"Of course, Mrs. Payne", she said.

"Not yet", I said. "But in the future hopefully", I said.  I didn't realize that Liam was right behind me, until I heard him laughing.  I turned around, and he kissed my cheek.

Then, he said "If you guys want we'll take over".

"Oh, sure", Louis said, and Eleanor handed James to me. 

We sat down on the couch, and Liam put his arm round me.  "I love you", he said. 

"I love you too", I said. I held the baby for a little while, and then let Liam hold him.

"I can just picture us with our first-born child".  He said.  I smiled.   I love it whenever guys imagine you and him in the future it's just so romantic.

"We'll be amazing parents",  I said. 

He nodded.  "Just not this second", he said. 

"Well, no i'm only 16", I said, 

"How could I forget?", Liam said. 

Then, James fell asleep, and we carried him into his crib.  Then, we went into the other living area where the boys and Daisy were.  They were playing with the One Direction barbies, and some of her girl barbies.  I saw her putting the Liam doll ontop of the doll he called Claire, and Niall yells "Get a room".  Daisy started laughing, even though she has no idea what that really means.  Then, she said "I'm Claire and I love Liam, and I'm Liam and I love Claire".  Liam says "I don't talk like that", and took the Liam doll from Daisy.  He started to play with them, too.  Then, all the girls except Daisy headed into the kitchen, and we all were talking for a while.  Then, we left Tiffany, James and Daisy and went across the street to the hotel we were staying at. 

The next morning, I woke up and liam wasn't next to me.  I laid in bed, and sure enough, Liam came into the room 5 minutes later ,with a really weird look on his face.

"What's the matter?", I said.

"I just opened the door on Harry and Abby hooking up", he said.

"Well, that's disturbing", I said.

Liam laughed, "Yah", he said.  That made me laugh.  Then, we got dressed into our swimming suits, because we were gong to have a beach day, and told evryone else to do the same thing. 

Then, we all headed across the street to my sisters apartment to only meet her, James and Daisy.  We walked about a mile, and ended up at a beautiful beach.  The thing I loved about livivng in California is that there is beaches basically everywhere you go, and I love it. 

Harry picked up Abby, and threw her in the water.  She was screaming because she said the water was freezing, and she splashed Harry.  while they were messing around in the water, I got my swim cover off, and Liam took his shirt off.  He stared at me, and I was wearing his favorite one of my bikinis.  He smiled, and took my hand.  We slowly walked into the water, and then a big wave came, and we both got soaked!  Then, Zayn, Perrie, Niall and Demi joined us in the water.  Daisy and louis were building a sandcastle, and my sister and El were sitting by the baby. 

We were playing volleyball in the water, and then a really forceful wave hit.  Next thing I knew, Harry goes "Umm, Claire where's your suit top?", I immediately blushed, and covered up myself.  in half a second, Liam hugged me from the front to block Harry, or anyone for that matter, to see my bare chest.  Zayn found my bikini top, and handed it to me.  liam helped me put it on, protecting me from anyone else's eyes eexcept his own. 

When it was secure, I swam over by Demi, and Liam swam by Harry.  It looked like he was scolding him, and clearly they didn't realize that we could ALL hear them. 

"Harry, I keep catching you staring at MY girl, especially a minute ago, when she lost her top.  That's for MY eyes ONLY, and she is MINE!", Liam said.

"Liam, sorry dude, but Claire's hot", Harry said.

"Yah, but she's mine so keep your eyes off.  Besides, you have Abby, or atleast had", Liam said, watching Abby run out the water in tears.

"Shit, Liam you're right im a dick", Harry said, chasing after Abby.

"NO ABBY WAIT!!!!!!", Harry yelled, trying to catch up to her. 

Then, everyone looked at me, except Liam. 

Liam swam over by me, and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You know we all heard that, right", Niall said.

"Oh, you did?", Liam said.  "Sorry guys", Liam said. 

"And, im really sorry Claire, I just can't stand anyone else looking at you like that", Liam said.  I didn't know how to reapond to that right away.

"Liam, I want you to know that no one could ever replace you", I said.  Liam kissed me, and we got out of the water.  We sat down on the beach next to Tiffany, and Louis scooped up Eleanor and carried her to the water.  Then, he put her down, and they held hands and kissed.  For most of us, it was a great day.  But, for Harry and one knew what happened, but we were destined to find out soon. And, btw it feels really weird knowing that harry thinks im hot, and I thought of him as a brother.....weeeeird!





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