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A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


62. The next day

I woke up the next morning, and Liam wasn't next to me.  I always worried whenever that happened, so I sprung out of bed, and saw Liam in the kitchen, cooking my breakfast. 

He gave me a kiss and a hug.  "Go get ready for school- i've got this under control", Liam said.  I smiled, and got ready.  When I was done, I went back into the kitchen, and ate breakfast with Liam, my sister, and James was awake too.

"You two finally decided to eat something?", Tiffany said.

"Well, we were hungry, and awake", I said.  

After eating, I was out the door with Liam.  He drove me again, and it wasn't as chaotic as it was yesterday, thankfully.  I was off, and the day dragged on from there.

"Hey, how come I haven't met Louis yet?", my friend Tess joked.  I knew he was her favorite.

"Sorry, Tess I forgot about that.  But, soon", I said. 

Then, the final bell rang, I grabbed my things, and got into the car with Liam. 

"How was your day?", Liam said, then he kissed my lips.  

I kissed him back.

"Like every other day, I guess", I said.  "How was your day?". 

"It was good", Liam anwsered. 

"Did my sister annoy you at all? "What did you do?", I stated.

"No, not at all", he replied.  "I played with James, and I ran some arrrends and stuff", Liam said.

"Sounds like fun", I said.

"It was, but I missed you", Liam said. 

"I missed you too, plus I have tons of homework!", I said.

"I hated homework", Liam said.

"Yah, well I still hate it", I said.  Liam laughed.  Then, we arrived at my sister's apartment, and she was in distress. 

"I have this huge exam comming up, and I can't study with James crying for me every second of the day, and I don't have money to pay a babysitter, and it's not like I can skip work tomorrow either", we overherd Tiffany saying on the phone. 

Then, she hung up the phone.

"No worries, we'll take care of James- you go and study", I said. 

"Really?", Tiffany said.

"Really", Liam and I said at the same time.  

“Thanks, you guys”, Tiffany said. 

“Anytime”, I said.  She smiled, grabbed her things and was out the door.  

Liam said “I got this, because you’ve got to go and do your homework”.

“Okay, whatever you say”, I said, as Liam picked up screaming James. 

I walked into the room we were staying in, turned on some music to block out the sound of James screaming and crying, and started my homework.  I first started doing my English homework, which was really easy.  Then, I started my Algebra homework, which was extremely tough!  I had to do problems 1-60, which excessive homework like that should be a crime!  I got started, and the first 20 problems were fairly easy.  But, number 21 was taking forever, because it didn’t make any sense.  So, of course what do I do? I just get really frustrated with the problem, I basically say ‘screw it’ by getting distracted with the music.  Of course, it had to be One Direction (who else).  I started singing along, to ‘Irresistible’.

Then, Liam walked in, and sang a little with me until I eventually stopped singing.

“I finally got him to fall asleep”, Liam said.

“You did? What did you have to do?”, I asked.

“Kiss the top of his head, and sing him a little lullaby”, Liam said.  I smiled, and thought to myself that Liam will make an excellent dad someday, hopefully to my future children.  Thinking of this made me smile even harder, but then I went back to my homework. 

“I don’t understand this, what is this problem written in gibberish or something?”, I said.  Liam plopped down on the bed next  to me. 

“Impossible!”, Liam said, looking at the problem. “I didn’t do too well in math when they made us solve those”, he said, grabbing my hand. 

“Screw it”, I said closing my book. “I have study hall right before math, so I’ll just do it then I guess”, I said, chucking the textbook to the ground.  Then, I heard a high-pitched crying noise.

“Shit”, I said.  “I woke the baby”, I added, running out of the room and picking James up in my arms.

“It’s okay little baby Claire’s here”, I said.  He instantly stopped crying, and he laughed. Babies’ laughs are adorable!

“I think you have a special thing with babies”, Liam said walking into the room. 

“Well, you will in a second when you change his stinky diaper”, I said, laughing.  Liam smiled, and took James from me.  Then, he changed his diaper, and brought him back to my arms again.   

"You're going to be a perfect mother one day", Liam said, looking down into my eyes, and smoothing my hair out of my face.

"And you are gonig to be a perfect father", I said.  I smiled back at him, and he leaned down to kiss me.  Of course, little baby started crying again.

"You're hungry aren't you?", I said to James.  That made him cry even harder. 

"Liam, can you go make a bottle?", i said.

"I'm on it", he said.  In a few minutes, he returned with a bottle.

"It's not too hot- I made sure", Liam said.  i nodded, and smiled at him.  He handed me the bottle, and I began to feed James.  

He spit up all over my shirt!  Liam gave me a rag, and took his shirt off and handed it to me.

"Here- wear this", he said.  He grabed James, and I took my shirt off, and slippped on Liam's.  it was big on me, but I liked it because it smelt just like him.  

Then, I handed Liam the bottle and he continued to feed little James.  For a minute, I pictured that James was our baby, and that Liam was the dad, and I was the mom.  It made me feel all warm inside, it felt like love and family.  I knew we had a future together, I could feel it. 

"Claire, hello are you there?", Liam said.

"Oh, sorry I was just picturing something", I said.

"Like what?", Liam said.

"Oh, it's silly really", I said.  

"I don't mind", Liam said.

"Well, I was just picturing someday you and I having a family, and it made me feel happy", I said.

Liam smiled.  "You picture that too?", he said.

"Yeah", I said.  "Wait you picture that?", I asked. 

"I know- it's weird but I do sometimes", Liam said. 

"No, that's not weird at all it's really sweet", I said, leaning in for a kiss.  He kissed me, and when our lips met, it was intence- i've never felt anything like it before.  my whole body tingled, more than it ususally does when we touch, and I was instantly in a really great mood.  Oh, the things love can do......

I realized that baby was sleeping, so Liam gently carried him and laid him down in his little crib.  Then, in walked Tiffany. 

"Hello", she said.

"Shhhhhhh- he's finally sleeping", I said.

"Oh, sorry", she whispered.  "How'd it go?", she added.  

"Fine", I said.

"Thanks so much you guys", Tiffany said.

"Anytime", Liam said, reaching for my hand. 

"Are we eating soon?", I asked.

"Yah, i'll make something", Tiffany said, heading towards the kitchen. 


Later, we had already eaten, and were lying in bed.

"Claire, you know I love you", Liam said.

"Uhhuh", I said.

"More than you will ever know, and I will miss you badly when I leave tomorrow, because the next time I will get to see you will be the day I go back on tour, which will be bad enough because I will miss you tremendously, and knowing that i will have to be away from you for like, over 4 months is just unbearable", Liam said.  I pulled him closer to me, and he wrapped his arms around me. 

"You know I love you with all my heart and even more, and not being able to see you every second of the day is hard enough, and I will miss you terribly when you are gone, especially on tour", I said. 

Then, I kissed him and fell asleep. 




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