Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


17. Stay for dinner :)

We arrived at my house, and I saw my older sister, Tiffinay's car. I haven't seen her in 2 months!
We walked in, and my mom was in the kitchen with Tiffinay cooking dinner.
"Hi", I yelled into the kitchen.
"Hello", My mom yelled back.
I led Liam into the kitchen, and gave Tiffany a big hug.
"I missed you, lil sis", she said.
"Missed you too", I said. "And, hey your only 4 years older than me" i responded. "This is Liam", i added.
"Oh my god, your from One Direction, arent you?" Tiffany asked.
"Yes i am", Liam said.
Liam and I walked out of the kitchen, and headed upstairs. I showed him my sister, Daisy's room (she's 6), and she was playing princesses, and listining to "What Makes You Beautiful". Liam was laughing, and he started singing.
"Hey, stop singing, Liam", Daisy said. Then she screamed.
"Liam Payne is in MY room?", she said.
"Daisy, calm down", I said.
Daisy gave Liam a hug and then pushed us out of her room because she was "busy".
Then i showed him my brothers, Evan (12) and Daniel (9) room. They were playing WII, and Daniel said "Dad was talking crap about you and he says youre a slut and he says if he ever sees Liam hes goona hurt him..." Daniel said.  "Oh, Liam. Hi, sorry I didn't know you were there...", Daniel said. 
Then,  Evan fake punched him. "Dude, you're an idiot", Evan said.
"No, Daniel, it really is ok", Liam assured him.  "And, hi", Liam said.
"Hey, Liam", Evan said.
"Hey", Liam said, giving Daniel and Evan high-fives.

Then, I quickly showed Liam my room. He laughed. "I see myself everywhere", he said, about the posters of him I had everywhere. I laughed.  Then, my mom called us down for dinner. We all sat down, and passed the food around, it was lasagna.

"That's not fair that Claire and Evan get to sit by Liam, and not me", Daisy whined, crossing her arms and slouching in her seat. 

"Claire, big girls don't whine", my mom said. 

Claire frowned, uncrossing her arms and sat herself up properly. 

"I want more", Evan said. 

"You always want more", Tiffany said.

"Shut up, you're barely even home anymore", Evan said.

"Some of us go to college...and have apartments of their own", Tiffany replied. 

"What does that even have to do with anything", Daniel said.

"Shut it, 4-eyes", Evan said. 

Daniel looked really upset.

"Knock it off, you three", my mom said. "And, i'll get you some more lasanga, Evan, my mom said.   

"Sorry, I whispered to Liam.

"You think me and my sisters don't fight?" he whispered back.  I smiled at him, and my mom returned to the table, handing Evan his plate with another helping on it.

"So, Liam do you have any siblings", my mom asked.  Here went the questiones. 

"Yes, I have two sisters, Ruth and Nicola", Liam replied.

My mom nodded. 

Tiffany smiled at me. "Mom, don't make him feel uncomfortable, I want Claire to keep him around", Tiffany said. 

"Tiffany!", I said.

"What, did I make you feel uncomfortable around your boyfriend?", Tiffany said.

Liam laughed, and so did Daniel. 

"Claire and Liam sitting in a tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g", Daisy sang. I glared at her.  My siblings are really embarrasing!

"Do you, Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn all really get along?" Tiffany asked. 

"Yes, mostly", Liam replied.  "We get into stupid fights once in a while, but for the most part, we get along quite well", he added. 

Finally, everyone was finished eating, and it was time for desert.  Tiffany and Daisy made chocolate cake, right up Liam's alley, well and I love chocolate, too.   

Tiffany passed the pieces around, and we all began to eat, except Daniel.

"Did you poision this", Daniel asked.

"NO!", Tiffany said.

"How much did Daisy help", he asked Tiffany.

"Like, 25%", Tiffany said. 

"So, there's a 75% chance i'm safe", Daniel declared.

"Just eat the stupid cake!", Evan said. 

"Be nice, Evan", My mom said. 

Everyone was finished eating, and Liam goes "Hey, Claire and I will wash the dishes".

"Awwwww", Tiffany cooed.

"Shut it, Tiffany", I said, following Liam into the kitchen.

"Since you volunteered us, you wash--I rinse", i told him, whacking him with the towel, lightly. 

We started washing the dishes, and Liam wasn't washing them fast enough, so I sprayed him with the sprayer thingy.  His shirt was soaking wet.  He grabbed the sprayer from me, and sprayed me.  My shirt was soaking wet.  The worst part, Tiffany was recording the WHOLE thing! 

"TIFFANY!!!!!!", I yelled.  "You better delete that!"

"Never", she said. 




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