Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


13. Special Night <3

Finally, I heard the last bell of the day! I rushed out of class over to my locker only to see my enemy, Marcia guarding my locker. Shit.
"Hey, slut", she yelled.
"You're just fucking jealous", I told her.
"Like i'd wanna do it with any of those gaywads from the gay band no one likes".
"You're such a bitch! They're NOT gay, i've only kissed Liam, and im sorry but i thought you slept with anyone, whore", I yelled back.
"I think you're mixing me up with you. You're the one thats easy not me", Marcia yelled back.
"Oh, really miss i-lost-my-virginity-at-12? You shouldn't be talking", I yelled back.
"Atleast i get guys", Marcia yelled back. "And by the way, the whole fucking school will know about you and your gay boyfriend, and how much of a hoe you are", she screamed at me.
"Im the hoe", I laughed, questining her, and stormed off.
"Go cry to your faggot boyfriend", Marcia yelled. I flipped her off, continuing out the doors of the school, towards the limo swarmed with paparatzi. Liam opened the door, slowly and pulled me in. "Step on it", he yelled to the driver. Then, Liam shut and locked the door, and kissed my lips.
"How was your day, sweetheart?" Liam asked, kissing my forehead.
"You don't wanna know, baby", I told him.
"Of course I do, babe", Liam assured me, unbuckiling me and pulling me into his lap.
I told him about how I ran into Jack, and what happened with him. Then, I brought up what happened with Marcia, and i started to cry.
"You are too beautiful to cry. Please don't cry or you're going to make me cry", Liam said, whiping my tears. "Don't let these people upset you- they're not worth if!" Liam added.
"Well, I just got really upset when they were talking shit about you, because even though we've only been dating for two days, I love you and I care about you", I said.
"Claire, I love you too, but you know those things aren't true, so just ignore them. Hate may win some battles, but love wins in the end", Liam said to me.
"Thanks, Liam but something you don't know about me is that im really insecure", I told him.
"Oh no, but baby you're perfect to me", Liam said, kissing my cheek.

All of the sudden, Liam's phone rang.
"Sorry, it's Harry", Liam said.
I nodded, and smiled. I understood.
Soon after the phone call ended, we pulled up to a Cinema, with only 5 cars in it.

We walked in, and were greeted by Harry and his date, Niall and Demi, Louis and Eleanor, and Zayn and Perrie. I had never met Eleanor, Demi, Perrie or Harry's date before, but they were really nice. I got on the best with Demi, but Eleanor is really easy to talk to, as is Perrie. Harry's date was nice, but not really outgoing, which surprised me. There was only one single worker insite, with the nametag "Ruby". Ruby helped us with the drinks and snacks, and lead us to where the theatre we would be watching the movie in.
We all sat down in one big row- it went Niall, Demi, Me, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, Eleanor, Louis, Harry and Harry's date. To be honest, i dont even know what movie we were going to see. When the movie finally started Liam grabbed my hand and smiled at me. "Liam, Claire, get a room!", Louis yelled at me and Liam.
"Louis, shut it", Liam responded.
I got really scared during one part of the movie. Liam picked me up out of my seat, set me on his lap, and held me. He makes me feel safe. After that scene, i sat back down in my seat, squeezing Liam's hand.

Then a dirty scence came on and Liam covered my eyes for a minute. Then, he leaned into kiss me. I kissed him back. He kissed me back harder. I kissed him back even harder. Then, there go the tongues. We were snogging/making out right in the middle of the cinema infront of everyone, yet we didn't care. Finally, I pulled away.
"That was amazing", i whispered to Liam.
He blushed, which was sexy.
When the movie ended, we said our goodbyes, exchanged numbers, and then, Liam picked me up and carried me into the limo.
"I have one last surprise", Liam said in a sexy voice.
"You do", I said, blushing. I always seem to blush whenever im around Liam.

We pulled up at Olive Garden, my favorite resturant. And they were packed as usual.
"One problem, Liam. They know who you are", I informed him.
"I know, babe. I ordered it to go", He assured me.
A waitor came out with our food in a big bag, and Liam handed him some money. I really do feel guilty because Liam always pays, but he says its no big deal because he loves me.

We arrived at a park that was absolutley beautiful. Liam carried the food plus a picnic blanket out of the limo.
"This is so romantic", I said.
"Glad you like it", Liam said, handing me a plate with a breadstick, some pasta and salad on it.
"You even got my favourite meal. Liam how do you do it?", I asked him.
"Honestly, i just guessed", Liam said.
We laughed. Liam dug out some food for himself and began to eat.
"Tell me about yourself", Liam said.
"What do you want to know?", I asked.
"Everything!" Liam responded.

"My birthday is May 22, i am 15 years old, my parents are divorced, i no longer talk to my dad, im in love with a boy named Liam Payne, i have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, Im neurotic, I dont know what else to say.....", I told Liam.
"Now tell me something not many people know about you", I told Liam.
"Not many people know that i'm in love with a girl named Claire Sputton, and that i used to be bullied as a small child", Liam told me. "The kids would always pick on me because i was chubby, i didn't wear the 'right' clothes, and because I had expensive basketball stuff from America. It was stupid, but i would go home crying", Liam told me.
"Oh sweetheart im soo sorry", I told him, wrapping my hands around his neck, and leaning in for a kiss. When his lips met mine, it felt like it was ment to be. We cleaned up dinner, and headed in the car to the long drive back to my house. I must've fallen asleep, because i woke up to Liam's voice talking on the phone.
"Yes, mum, I will come visit you next week, calm down!" I heard him say. Then he hung up his phone. "Goodmorning beautiful! My mum wants me to come and visit her next week, and since your on holiday, i was wondering if you wanted to come with me", Liam said.
"I'll ask my mom and text you, but i really wanna go with you", I responded.

We pulled into my driveway, and Liam walked me up to the door, kissed me, and walked back into the limo.

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