Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


42. Mani-pedies+shopping=girls day

I woke up to the sound of many cars, and people talking.  I sprung out of my bed, and looked out the window. 

"Good morning, fabulous New York", I said. Then, I thought to myself I can't actually believe i'm here with Demi Lovato: who was my role model ever since I was 11 years old!  I just can't believe it!

I got dressed into my navy blue jean short-shorts, a blue ruffled strappless shirt, a sweater, and a pair of sparkly flats.  I put on some makeup- a little heavier than usual, and straightened my long blonde hair. 

"Goodmorning", Demi sang, walking into my room.

"Goodmorning", I echoed, singing back at her.

"Are you readddddddy?", Demi said.

"Yah", I said. 

I grabbed my purse, and met Perrie, Eleanor and Demi in the kitchen.

"Let's gooo", Eleanor said. 

We all got into a cab, and headed to a nail salon and spa.  When we arrived, we were greeted by estactic fans waiting outside the salon, and we signed some autographs.  Then, I got a death threat, and a riot started.  We had to have security escort us inside the nail place.

When we finally got inside, we all got to pick out the color and designs we wanted for our nails and toes.  I decided  Then, we all sat down in the differant stations all lined up in a row.  I sat between Demi and Perrie. 

Finally, our nails were all finished, and they looked fantastic!  We got to sit down in leather, reclining chairs with small tubs underneath where we got to soak our feet in.  There was something on the TV screen, and it said "Celeb Breaking News: A fight between Claire Sutton, Liam Payne, and Danielle Peazer caught on tape.  It all started with a phone call, and ended with rude twitter comments.  After the break, we will show you a recording of that phone conversation, and get you the scoop on those twitter comments, so stay tuned", the reporter said.     

Eleanor suddenly had a really weird look across her face, and then she looked at me.  "Is this true?", she said, quietly.

"Umm..yes and no", I said. 

"What does that mean?", Eleanor said, sounding confused.

"Well, we did get into an argument over the phone, because she thought I hated her from that false article that says I hate her and i'm a prostitute, and she left Liam and I a rude twitter comment, but the media twists around every word you say", I said.  Eleanor nodded.

"El, believe her- remember when the media was saying you hate Louis, and you two broke up because you got in one fight, and how Zayn was cheating on me?", Perrie said. Perrie nodded. 

Then, the news came back on.  "I know your antcipation is great right now, right? Well, here goes nothing: the no-longer private phone conversation between Liam, Danielle, and Claire", the reporter said. 

Well, obviously you and your prostitute hate me", Danielle shouted.

"Oh, so you're gonna go there now?", Liam said. "First of all, she has a name, she's not a prostitute, and she doesn't hate you", Liam shouted. "What makes you think you even have the nerve to call her a prostitute when you've never met her?", Liam added. "And now, you've made her cry", Liam added

"What the hell you better not have this on speakerphone", Danielle said.

"Well, maybe I do", Liam said.

"Well, and she's trying to steal MY friend from me!", Danielle said.

"Eleanor?", Liam said.

'Who else", Danielle said.

"I'm  stealing away Eleanor she's not your friend, she's only mine", I said, except I didn't say that!

"I'm not talking to you", Danielle said.

'No, but you're talking ABOUT me", I said.

"Well, maybe I wouldn't have to if you didn't hate me so much", Danielle said.

"How can I hate you if i've never even met you?", I said. "Liam's not yours anymore he's mine so you don't have to hate", I added.

"He should be mine, though", Danielle added.

"Oh, so you want me back now? Well ,it's too late i've moved on, and you're the one who dumped me", Liam added. Then, he hung up the phone, and the recording stopped.

"Ouch!", the reporter said.

Eleanor looked at me.

"E, I swear I didn't say that; I don't care if your friends with Danielle- I only said that your my friend too; even ask Danielle", I said.

'I trust you, Claire.  The media is screwed up", Eleanor said.

"Thanks, Eleanor", I said.  She smiled at me, and I smiled back. 

Our toes got painted, and dried.  Then, we took a few pictures, instagrammed them, and headed out of the nail salon, to go shopping. 

We shopped for about 6 hours, and got so many things I don't even know how much we each got.  We all got matching outfits, cause we're dorks like that, and took TOOOOOOONNNNSSSSSSSSS of pictures!  It was an amazing day, and I didn't really want it to end, but I was exausted when we came back to the hotel, and entered our, yes, penthouse suite.  I plopped down on a bed, and instantly fell asleep. 










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