Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


32. Lies.....Lies.....Lies

We finally began to eat dinner.  I was surprised that Liam's family weren't back yet.  When we finnished eating, Liam cleared the table, and i helped clean up.  Then, Liam left a note saying "Dinner's in the fridge", and we went up to his room.  Liam plopped down on the bed, and opened a magazine, which we were on the cover of.  I just sat down next to him, and didn't say a word.  Finally, he flipped to a page which we were on.  He read it, and then threw it on the floor. 

"Apparently, you're a prostitute and we hate Danielle?", Liam said.

"What the hell!", I yelled.

"That magazine said it not me", Liam said.  

"I know, but where could they possibly get that from?", I asked. 

"Here- read it", Liam said, picking it up from the floor. 

"Two things to know about Liam and Claire is  Claire a prostitiute and Liam and Claire hates Danielle Peazer", it read. 

"After doing some of our reaserch and...uhmm...spying we found out that Claire is obviously a prostitute!  Why else would she be with Liam freaking Payne? Also, we overheard Liam and Claire talking about Peazer. Payne was telling Claire why Danielle and he broke up, and he said "It was stupid; we don't behave like that.  I love you more than I ever loved her (Danielle).  And, Claire said "Let's not waste our time talking about THAT!".  So, watch out: a cat fight could be breaking out.  If I was Peazer, i'd do something about this!", The article read.  I ripped the magazine in half, and got really angry. 

"I don't even know Danielle, so how could I hate her?", I said.

"I don't know they twist around every little word you say", Liam told me.

"Yeah, you were talking to Nicola when you said thtat, and I was talking about homework", I said.

"You know what Hollywood is?  It's a bunch of delusional wanna-bees who twist everything around to create pointless drama, and now Danielle is calling me", Liam said, with his phone ringing. 

He had it on speeker, but told me to be quiet. 

"What", Liam said.

"So you hate me now", Danielle yelled.

"You really believe that?", Liam said, angry.

"Well, yeah obviously you and your prostitute hate me", Danielle shouted.

"Oh, so you're gonna go there now?", Liam asked, sounding PISSED! "First of all, she has a name, she's not a prostitute, and she doesn't hate you", Liam shouted.  "What makes you think you even have the nerve to call her a prostitute when you've never met her?", Liam added. "And now, you've made her cry", Liam said, hugging me as I was, yes crying.

"What the hell you better not have this on speakerphone", Danielle said.

"Well, maybe I do", Liam said.

"Well, and she's trying to steal MY friend from me!", Danielle said.

"Eleanor?", Liam said.

'Who else", Danielle said.

"I'm not stealing anyone away from anyone; i've just become close to Eleanor she's not just your friend", I said, fighting the tears.

"I'm not talking to you", Danielle said.

'No, but you're talking ABOUT me", I said.

"Well, maybe I wouldn't have to if you didn't hate me so much", Danielle said.

"How can I hate you if i've never even met you?", I said. "Liam's not yours anymore he's mine so you don't have to hate", I added.

"He should be mine, though", Danielle added.

"Oh, so you want me back now?  Well ,it's too late i've moved on, and you're the one who dumped me", Liam added.  Then, he hung up the phone.




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