Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


24. Let's go to the beach

Liam was awake, watching some tv.  I rolled over and saw he was watching himself on Xfactor.  I laughed.  He kissed the top of my head. "Good morning sweetheart", he said.  
"Well, good morning, babe", I said.  Liam turned the tv off.  "I'm hot", he said.  "Mee too", I aggreed.  Liam took off his shirt, and I unbuttoned my top.  Liam pulled me closer, and I hugged him tight.  Then, Ruth barged in. 
"Sorry, mom told me to get you- we're going to the beach", Ruth said. 
"Ok", Liam said, not letting go of me.  Nicola closed the door.  Liam finally let go of me, and I grabbed my swimsuit.  Liam did the same, except grabbing his own.  I took my pants and underwear off, and slipped the suit bottoms on.  Then, I realized I was changing in the middle of the room, and so was Liam.  
Then, I took my top and bra off, and grabbed the suit top.  I realized that I couldn't tie the back of it on my own, shoot.  
"Liam, can you help me tie this?", I said.  
"Sure", he said.  I walked over to him, and the bikini top fell down, all the way. I fixed it, but not fast enough.  Liam totally noticed, because he was blushing.  It's not like they're small, either.  Liam tied the back of my bikikni's top.  But, then Liam needed help tying his swim trunks.  I tied them for him, threw on my swim cover and we were ready to go.  We walked only a few steps, then completely tumbled down the rest of the stairs.  Ruth laughed.  "Only you two", she said. 
Liam's mom must've heard the big bang when we hit the last stair, because she came rushing over.  "What happened are you two ok?", she said. 
"Mum, we fell down the stairs, and I think we're fine", Liam told her.  
She started laughing.  "Finally, you've found a girl that's just as clumbsy as you are", Liam's mum said.
Liam, Ruth, Mrs.Payne and I were all laughing.  
Then, we all headed into Liam's mums car.  There were seven seats- a row of three in the back, and two rows of two in the front and the driver and passanger seats. Liam and I sat all the way in the back, and Nicola sat infront of us, and Mr. And Mrs. Payne sat in the driver and passanger seats.  
We were ready to go.  We finally arrived at the beach, and It was beautiful!  There were gentle waves lightly  crashing against the shore, and colorful shells everywhere.  Liam hugged me.  "We're here", he said.  
"Its beautiful", I said. 
"Yah", Nicola said, sneaking up behind Liam and I.  I jumped.  "Nicola, you scared me", I said, listining to Liam laugh.  
"Don't forget i'm blonde too", I joked.  
Nicola laughed.  I laid my towel down between Ruth and Liam.  Nicola was lyong on her towel next to Ruth.  Liam and I were standing up.  He ripped off his shirt, while I undid my swim cover.  We grabbed hands, abd ran into the water.  A big wave came, and we got knocked over.  We laughed.  Then, we just messed around in the water, splashing eachother.  Liam picked me up and threw me into the water.  Then, he swam to where I landed, scooped me up in his arms, and kissed my lips.  Then, he sat me down.  We went to go lay down on our towels, and Ruth and Nicola screemed "Instagram! Twitter!". 
"Oh my", Liam said.  
Liam dryed off, and then went to go play volleyball in the water wih his dad. 
I remained on the beach, and talked to the girls. 
Then, Liam and his dad came out of the water.  Liam grabed my hand, and pulled me up.  "Let's make a sandcastle", Liam said.  I smiled, remebering how every summer I go camping with my family. 
Liam grabbed a bag of, yes sandtoys.  
"I feel like i'm five", I told him. 
"Good", he said.
We filled the buckets with sand, and began to build.  In no time, we had created a huge sandcastle with even a little "river" thing surrounding it.  Liam gave me a high-five.  "Instagram!! Twitter!!", Liam shouted.  Ruth and Nicola were dying in laughter.  
We reterned to our towels, and ate our lunch.  We had subs  and they were delicious!  
We all swam some more, and Liam threw me a couple more times.  Then, out of nowhere, Liam's dad crept behind him and dunked him underwater.  We were all dying in laughter, except for Liam.  "It's not funny!", Liam said.  I kissed his cheek. 
"It kinda is", I said.
"Oh, so you think so?", Liam teased.  
He started chasing me. "I'm gonna get you", he said.  I kept running.  Then, I fell over, just as Liam was gonna catch me. 
"Liam did you push her?", Nicola said.
"I did not!", Liam said.
"You did too", she said.
"I did not!" 
"You did too!"
"I did not!"
"You did too"
"I did not"
"You did too"
"I did not". 
"Both of you, stop", Liam's mum said, laughing.
"It was her fault", Liam whined.
"Well are you 2?", Nicola said.  
Liam flicked her.  I laughed.  We stayed at the beach until the sun was setting.  We packed up our things, and watched the sun set.  Ruth took a really cool picture of Liam and I hugging.  It looked just like shadows and the sunset was behind us.
"Instagram!! Twitter!!", I shouted.  Ruth, Nicola, Liam and I bursted out laughing. Today was a marvolous day!  I never want it to end!
We arrived at Liam's house, and ate some dinner.  We had Chinease takeout from Liam's favourite place.  It was tasty.  
Then, Liam and I headed up the stairs. 
We changed into our pajamas- I put on my shortie short pajama bottoms, and my I heart Liam tee.  Liam laughed.  
"I love you too", he said. 
He kissed me softly, and I kissed him back.  Then, we laid down and heald hands.  My phone rang. "Oh shit, I was supposed to call my mom!", I said.  
"Hello?", I anwsered.
"Hi, Claire", my mom said sounding upset.
"Sorry I forgot to call today...or yesterday", I said.
"That is unacceptable", my mom said.
"I know i know", I said.
"What did you do yesterday?", my mom asked.
"We went to a theme park", I said.  
"Oh", she said.  "What did you do today?", she asked.  
"We went to a beach, and I had a blast!", I said. 
"Instagram, twitter", Liam whispered.  I smiled.
"I see", she said.  "You're not gonna come home telling me you're pregnant are you?", my mom said.  So Tiffany did tell her.....
"Oh of course not", I said.
"This is about Tiffany isn't it?", I asked.
"Yes", my mom said. 
"Well, don't get mad at her", I said.
"Too late, and why shouldn't I?", she said.
"Because she was engaged, and she wasn't planning on anything bad ever happening to him", I said.
"Yeah but she was soo irrisponsible", my mom said. 
"But didn't you ever think that maybe a baby would be nice for her, now she atleast has a piece of him to hang onto", I said. 
There was complete silence.  I hung up. 

"What was that about?", Liam asked.
"My sister, Tiffany is pregnant", I said.
"But, it was with her fiance who died in the army", I added.
"Oh no", Liam said.
"So, she just told my mom, and my mom's totallly pissed at her", I added.  
"I feel soo bad for her", Liam said.  
Then, my phone rang; it was Tiffany. 
"I got this", Liam said. 

"Hello Tiffany, this is Liam", he said.  
"Hi Liam", she said.  The phone was on speaker. 
"You're on speaker phone with me and Claire", Liam said.
"Hey, Tiff", I said.  "Are you crying", I added.
"Yeah", she said.  
"So you told mom?", I said.
"Yes", she said.
"Im soo sorry Tiffany.  I wish there was someway we could help", Liam said.
"Thanks, Liam", she said.  
"I told you, T.  I'll be your babysitter, and we'll get you the stuff you need", I told her.
"You guys are the best", Tiffany said, between tears.
"We're here to help whatever you need", Liam said.

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