Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


87. It's my birthday :)

The next morning when I woke up, Liam kissed my lips

"Happy birthday Claire I love you", he said to me With his sweet, sexy voice.

"Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Claire, happy birthday to you", he sang, with his arms wrapped around me.

We stayed like that for a while longer, then he carried me Downstairs. When he sat me down, Demi ran over to me and hugged me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!", she said.

I laughed. "Thanks". Then, I continued on into the kitchen and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I sat down at the table, and saw that Harry and Zayn made me breakfast! I kissed them both on the cheek.  "Awwe, you guys are so sweet", I said and ate my breakfast,  so did everyone else.

Then, Liam took my hand, and we headed upstairs to get dressed. 

As I started to get dressed, I caught Liam looking at me.  "Do you need something?", I finally said.

"No, I was just thinking about how damn beautiful you are, and how lucky I am that you're mine", Liam said.  I wrapped my arms around his waist, and he kissed me.  Then, we both continued getting changed, I did my hair and makeup, and we were basically out the door. 

When Liam started the car, I got lost in his beautiful big warm brown eyes. 

"Hello, Claire?  Claire?", Liam said, tapping my sholder. 

"Oh sorry.  Yes?", I said. 

"You really scared me there for a minute!", Liam said.  I smiled at him.  He started the car, and we drove away. 

After I thought the facinating day was over, we drove to a waterpark/hotel, which looked like a lot of fun, and he kissed me. 

"What are you waiting for?  You're only 17 once, so you should enjoy yourself", Liam said, taking my hand. 

I followed him inside.  "Let's check into our room first", Liam said.  I nodded.

We checked in at the front desk, and took the long elevator ride up to the top floor, which was a penthouse suite. 

When we entered the room, I turned the lights on and then.........everyone jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE!".  I was so happy and taken by surprise that I started to cry, happy tears of course. 

"What's the matter Claire?", Demi said, giving me a hug. 

"Oh nothing, I'm just so happy, I loove you all you are just so amazing", I said.   Before I knew it, somebody called out "Group Hug", and I was stuck in the middle. 

Then, Zayn threw Liam and I a bag. 

"Change into your suits, quickly!", he demanded.  We listened, and Liam caught the bag.  We opened the doors to a huuuuuge master suite bedroom, and got changed into our suits.  I saw that I had a purple and black polka-dotted push-up bikini top with matching print bottoms.  I put it on, and saw Liam standing there in his swim trunks and a plain t-shirt on. 

"Ready?", he asked. 

"After you tie my suit I will be", I said.  He nodded, and tied it for me.  "Now i'm ready", I said.  He smiled, and took my hand.  We headed back into the other room, and met the others.

"Let's goooooo", Niall said, and we all loaded into the elevator, and headed into the waterpark.  It was absolutley huge, and there was nobody there except workers. 

We put our stuff down on one of the picnic tables, and I took Liam's shirt off. 

Then, I ran over to one of the slides, and everyone followed behind me.  It was a double-rider, so I went down with Liam.  Then, everyone went down, except Eleanor and Louis, because they were with their only 3-day-old baby.  We rode a ton more slides.  We now were getting in a 6-8 person tube for a ride called the "Hurricane".  I sat down first, then Liam sat down next to me, and Harry sat down on my other side. Everyone else sat down around us, and then the lifeguard gave us a huge push.  Instantly, it was dark and we were spinnig out of control.  Someone hit me in the chest, and I thought it was probablly Liam on accident, but when the light came back on the ride, Harry's hand was totally on my chest.  I smacked him "HARRY!", I yelled at him, and Liam looked really pissed. When the ride ended, Demi pulled my arm, and led me to a differant ride with her.  In the backround, I heard Liam giving Harry a piece of his mind. 

"Liam's really pissed!", I said, and she nodded. 

"He loves you, and I think he's being protective.  Like, remember when Harry said you were hot, and Liam got really upset?", Demi replied. 

"Yea, I guess.  I just don't know why Harry would do that...he knows i'm with Liam!", I said. 

"Yah, me either", she said.  "Now, let's go on this slide", I said. 

It was a double-rider, so we both got in the tube, and were pushed down.  I'm pretty sure we both screamed the whole way down!  After that ride, we went by the others, and I found Liam.  I hung on his arm, and then Harry came up to me.  "Don't....touch.....her", Liam snapped. 

"I'm not going to", Harry said, rolling his eyes. 

"Look Claire, i'm sorry for what happened earlier", He said.  I nodded. 

"Harry, I don't know why you did that, you know that i'm in a commited relationship with Liam", I said.  Then, I caught Harry's eyes looking bikini top. 

Liam blocked me, and said "i'm fucking serious Harry, keep your eyes off my woman, and stop looking at her like that, she's MINE!!!", Liam said.  Then, Zayn walked over by us.  "Harry, you need to get your act together right now.  What the hell is wrong with you?  Liam has her, and you need to knock the fuck off", (Zayn has always been really protective of me, like the big brother that i've never had). 

"I know I do, and Claire I'm sorry.  I don't know why i'm acting like this.  Fuck", Harry said. 

Liam took my hand, and we walked away, with everyone following behind us. 

"Okay- now it's time!", Niall said. 

"For what?", I asked. 

"To go on their biggest thrill ride!", Niall said, as he led us all towards it.  There was a big sign by the lift to get on the ride that said ''THE BIGGEST, SCARIEST,WILDEST,FASTEST WATER RIDE!  warning ride at your own risk.

"How about...later", I said. 

"Um, no", Zayn said.  He picked me up, and threw me over his sholder.  He actually finally let me go when we got to the top. 

"I guess i'm going on it now", I said, smacking Zayn lightly in the chest. 

Liam sat down next to me on the tube, and then everyone sat down on the tube except Harry.

"Where's Harry?", Liam asked.

"Flirting with a lifeguard", Niall anwsered. 

"Better than touching my woman!", Liam said squeezing my hand.  Then, the ride started and we firstly plummited down a huge hill.  Then, there were twists and turns and a few more drops.  When the ride was over, Liam kissed me on the lips.  "You did it babe", he said.  I smiled, and kissed him back. 

"I really wanna go in the hot tub now", Perrie said. 

"Good idea", I said.  When we headed into the hottub, and saw Harry with a blond, flirting and she was blushing. 

"This is Makenzie", he said. 

She smiled and waved at us.  "Hey Claire, Liam, Demi, Niall, Perrie, and Zayn", she said, smiling and comming towards us. 

"You know us?", I said. 

"What can I say- i'm a fan", she said, smiling still. 

"Oh, and Happy Birthday Claire!", she said.

"How'd you know?", I said. 

"Oh, Seventeen told me last year", she said. 

"I like this girl", I said, and Harry gave me a weird look that i've never seen before.  We stayed in there for a little while longer, then Liam and I went back to the table and were greeted by El, Louis and Susie. 

"We ordered pizza", Louis said, rocking the baby in his arms. 

"Yummy", I said, as Liam wrapped a towel around me, then putting a towel around himself too. 

"How's the baby?", I asked. 

"Well, she just fell asleep, but she's been okay.  She just needs tons of attention", Eleanor said. 

"And how is mommy?", I asked. 

"Mommy is exausted, and hasn't slept in three days", Eleanor replied. 

"That sucks.  But, Liam that'll be me in a few years", I said.  He smiled, and hugged me. 

"And that baby will be mine too", he said, kissing my head.  Then, the pizza came and everyone sprung out of the hottub. 

"Hey guys, this is Makenzie", Harry said. 

"Hi", they said.

"Oh hey Louis, Eleanor, and your little baby", she said.  Eleanor looked puzzled. 

"She's a fan", Harry said, and they nodded. 

"Well, if you're hungry we've got pizza", Eleanor said. 

"That Niall already started eating the second he saw it...", Louis continued. 

"Um, i'm always hungry", Niall responded with food stuffed in his face.

"You could atleast use a plate baby", Demi said handing Niall a plate.

"I guess", he said and we all started eating. 

Then, we headed back to the suite, and had cake and icecream.  Then, we opened presents.  After that, I took Liam's hand, and walked into the master bedroom.  When I opened the door, I saw rose petals neetly spread all over the room, and a bundle of red roses on the bed.  I picked them up and set them in a vase that was sitting on the dresser. 

"I love you", I said kissing Liam.  He wraped his arms around my waist, and kissed me again.  Then, we dropped our towels, and I wrapped my arms around his neck.  I kissed him back, with more passion then ever before. 

We were making out, then we rolled onto the king-sized bed.  He undid my suit top, and I yanked off his swim trunks.  Then, his genlte fingers slowly pulled down my suit bottoms, and I pulled him ontop of me, moaning his name as he kissed my 'soft spot'. We made love over and over again for about an hour, and only stopped because we were both exausted. 

"I love you Liam", I said wrapping my arms around him. 

"I love you too, Claire", Liam said wrapping his strong, muscular arms around me, and pulling me in for a goodnight kiss.  We both fell asleep in eachothers arms. 











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