Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


40. In the hospital bed

I woke up, surrounded by a doctor, Liam, Tiffany, and a nurse.

"Claire, can you hear me, sweetheart?", Liam said slowly.

"Liam?", I asked. 

"She appears to be consience, which is great!", the doctor said. 

The nurse nodded. 

"I'm going to do a couple of tests with you, dear", the nurse told me.  I nodded. 

"What is your full name?", she asked.  

"Claire Margaret Sutton", I replied.

"Good", the nurse smiled. 

'Repeat after me: Hello my name is Clara and I am your nurse".  She said.  i repeated the sentance. 

"She seams to be doing fine", the nurse said.  The doctor and nurse walked out of my hospital room.  So did Tiffany.  Liam and I were the only people remaining in the room.

"How did you get here?", I asked him.  He was holding my hand tightly. 

"Tiffany called me, and told me what happened, plus it's all over the news, and the boys and I rushed here", Liam anwsered.

"What happened to me?", I asked.

"Your father slapped you very hard, and you started bleeding.  Then, you passed out, hitting your head hard, and they think you might've had a concussion.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks.  "Liam, I...I...I don't know what to do...", I said, starting to cry.  He sat down on the hospital bed next to me, and kissed my lips. 

"Everything's gonna be alright", he said.  "I'll protect you", he added.  Then, I heard a knocking on the door.  "Can we come in?", a voice asked.  It sounded like Niall's. 

"Yes", i replied, my voice sounding weak.  I was still crying a little, and Liam put his arm around me.  The door opened, and Niall, Louis, Harry and Zayn filled in. 

"Oh no, are you okay?", Zayn asked. 

"I'm not sure", I said.  Zayn looked worried. 

"What happened?", Niall asked.

Liam told them, and the tears came rushing down my face.  "That awful bastard", Zayn said.

"Zayn, that's still her father", Harry said.

"Oh no, Zayn its okay- I hate him and I haven't talked to him for like 3 years until then", I said.   

Zayn nodded. 

Louis held my other hand. "We'll all protect you", he said. 

I smiled.  "Thanks", I said.  Louis let go, and Zayn kissed me on the cheek.  "We'll let you rest, but if you need anything, yell and we'll be here", Zayn said.  Harry gave Liam this huge smile, and they all left, well except Liam.  Then, my mother entered the room. 

"This didn't happen when I was with Liam, I promise", I said.

"I watch the news", my mom said.

"Hello, Mrs.Sutton", Liam said.

"Hello, Liam", my mom said.  "Can I please have a moment alone with Claire?", she asked. 

"Of course", Liam said, leaving the room. 

"Are you okay?", my mom asked.  

"Yeah i'm fine just really tired", I said. 

"How was your trip?", she asked. 

"It was amazing", I said.

 My mom smiled.  "This weekend, i'm going to New York with Demi, Eleanor and Perrie", I said.

"I know; Demi called me", my mother said. "But, only if the doctor says you can", she said. 

"Okay", I said.  I was wondering why my mom was all the sudden being really nice to me.  It's probablly because I was in the hospital. 

"I'm gonna let you rest", I said.

"Okay, but can you please send Liam in?", I asked.  She nodded, and left my room.  Then, Liam walked in. 

"Demi's here to see you", he said. 

"Okay- tell her she can come in", I said.  Liam brought Demi in.  She gave me a hug, and handed me some flowers. 

"How are you feeling?", she asked me. 

"I'm okay", I said.  "Just really tired", I added.

"I heard about what happened, well Simon did first because I was working on The Xfactor, and I rushed over here as soon as I could", Dem said.

"Thank you Demi!", I said. 

"You're welcome", she said, smiling. 

"Can you still come to NYC with us?", she asked. 

"I think so, but I just have to check with my doctor", I said. 

"I hope I can go, though", I said.  "I've never been to New York before, so i'm super excited", I said.

Liam squeezed my hand. 

"I'm thursty", I said. "I'll get you something", Liam said.  "What do you want?", he asked. 

"Just some water, please babe", I said.  Liam left the room, and Zayn came in. 

"Are you doing ok?", he asked me.

"Yes Zayn, thank you", I said. 

"Anything for you, Claire", Zayn said.

"Sorry this wasted a day of your 'man time'", I said. Zayn laughed. 

"Oh no it's no big deal we all stick together", Zayn said.  Then, he left the room, and Niall entered. 

"How are you doing?", he asked.

"I'm feeling better, thanks", I said.  Niall smiled, and kissed Demi's head. 

"I'm glad we were all really worriedabout you", he said.  Then, he left the room, and Liam entered, with some drinks. 

"Claire, here's your water", he said. 

"And, Demi I got you a soda", he said, handing it to her. 

"Thanks, Liam", Demi said.  Liam nodded, and kissed my forehead.  Then, he sat down next to me, on the other side of the bed. 

I fell asleep on Liam's sholder, and when I woke up, I was surrounded by a nurse sticking an IV in my arm, and Liam squeezing my other hand.  When the nurse left the room, I asked Liam "What day is it?", I asked.

"It's Thursday", Liam replied.  "The doctor says you can go home today, and you can also go to New York as long as you take your medicine", he said, kissing my cheek after. 

Finally, I arrived at home, said goodbye to everyone but my family, and walked inside the house.  I ate something, and had to explain to my brothers and Daisy what happened at the hospital.  They understood pretty well.  Then, I went upstairs and packed my suitcase for New York! I texted some of my friends who were wondering what the hell happened to me, and then in no time, I was asleep. 






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