Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


48. Happy Birthday

I was sleeping, but then I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. 

"Hello?", I anwsered, still half asleep.

'Sorry to wake you, but I wanted to be the first person to say Happy Birthday to you", Liam said in a very cute, attractive voice.

"You're soo sweet", I said. 

"No you are", Liam said.  "But, go back to sleep, baby and I will see you after school", he said.  My heart smiled again; Liam is the sweetest guy ever, and he's all mine!

"Bye, Claire", he said.

"Bye, Liam", I  said.

I fell back asleep, and woke up to my alarm. 

I got dressed, got ready and was off to school.  On my walk to school, I realized I had 30 missed text messages!  Many were saying Happy birthday to me, a few were rude.  Liam, Demi, Niall, Perrie, Zayn, Harry, Eleanor and Zayn all even texted me to say happy birthday.

When I finally got to school, it was clear who all of my real friends are, and who were just trying to be nice to get through to One Direction.  My true friends ran over to me hugging me, asking about Liam, but not like can I get his number", or anything, and telling me they support me no matter what.  School rolled on, and finally, during 6th hour, History, there was a knock on the door.  The teacher,  Mr. Krubnill anwsered the door, and I saw Liam standing outside the door.  Some people in my class flipped!  

"Can I help you.......", the teacher said.

"Hi, i'm here to pick up Claire Sutton", he said. 

"Do you have a pass?", he asked.  Liam handed it to him. 

"Okay", the teacher said. 

"And, settle down! there's nothing to be excited about!", the teacher said.

"Other than the fact that's Liam Freaking Payne out in the hallway', this girl yelled out, as I was closing the door slowly.  I closed the door, and gave Liam a big hug.  Then, we went over by my locker, and I kissed him. 

"You came early", I said.  He smiled down, looking at me (i'm 5'3 and he's 5'11). I grabbed my backpack, and we were headed out the door.  We got into a limo, and held hands tightly. 

"Never let me go", I said.  Liam smiled.

"Only if you never let me go, birthday girl", he said.  I smiled, like I do whenever i'm around him. 

Finally, we arrived at a beach, and Liam grabbed my hand.  He pulled towards the sand, and I saw rocks everywhere. 

"Come with me", he said.  I followed him to the edge of the sand almost up to the water. 

I saw it now: the rocks were used to make letters. They spelled out 'H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y'.    

I turned to face Liam, but to my surprise, he picked me up, and we kissed for a few minutes. 

"I needed that", I said.  He laughed.  Then, he set me down. 

"Liam, I love it", I said. 

"I'm glad you do, Claire", he said. 

Then, we headed to the limo, and drove to my favorite resturant-a Japanese-Hibachi grill place.  When we arrived there, we were greeted by my family. 

"Happy Birthday Claire", they all said at the same time as Liam and I sat down at the same time. I was sitting next to Liam and Tiffany.  Liam and I linked legs underneath the table, and smiled at eachother.  

The chef started cooking right infront of us, and it was extremely cool!  When he was finished, he put the food on our plates, and we began to eat.  The food was excelent. 

When we were finished eating, the chef came back with a piece of cake for everyone, and we ate it.  The chef stared singing happy birthday to me along with some other employees, and my face turned red.  Liam kissed my forehead, and it made me feel less embarrased, but it was awkward, because my mom was staring right at me. I just ignored her, and Tiffany handed me a present. 

"This is from me", she said.  I opened it, and smiled at her.  It was some earrings with a matching bracelet that i've been wanting for, like, two years.  Also, my name was engraved into the bracelet. 

"I love it, thank you so much", I said, hugging Tiffany.  She smiled.  Then, Liam pulled a little box out of his pocket.  My mom got a really weird look, and I mouthed "chill" to her.  He handed it to me, and I opened it.

"This is just one of your presents", he said.  I smiled at him, and carefully began to open the wrapping paper, and slowly opened the box.  It was aheart-shaped locket, that had engraved "I love you", and a picture of us together when you opened it up. 

"This is beautiful- I love it", I said.  Then, I kissed Liam right there in the middle of the resturant, with my siblings and my mother all stairing right at us.  It was....awkward.  Then, he moved my hair behind my ears, and said "Here let me put it on you".  In no time, his gentle hands touched my skin, and put the locket around my neck.  I stared right into his warm-brown eyes, and couldn't be more happy.  Then, my mom handed me my present.  It was a brand-new camera that I really wanted. 

"Thank you, mom", I said, and I got up and gave her a hug.

'Hey- it's from us too", Evan said.  I smiled, and hugged them, too. 

Then, we left the resturant, Liam and I walking hand-in-hand, and my family following behind us.  Liam and I got into a limo, whilst Tiffany got into her own car, and my mom and siblings got into my mother's car. 

Liam held my hand, and I rested my head on his chest.  He looked very happy.

"Thank you for making my birthday special, Liam", I said.

"It's not over yet", he said.  We pulled in the driveway of an absolutley beautiful house, and it was about 15 minutes from my neighborhood.

"Wow- this is beautiful, Liam", I said.

"Yea?  I thought so too, that's why I bought it", Liam said.  

"Wait did you just say you...bought it?", I said.

"Yes, Claire", he said. "Now, lemme show you around", he said. 

He took a key out of his pocket, and unlocked the door.  The first thing I saw when he pushed the door open was extreemely high ceilings, with beautiful chandelieres, and many big windows overlooking the ocean. 

"Wow", I said.

"I know, right?", Liam said.  Then, he took my hand, and led me up the big, grand staircase.  When he let go, I grabbed his hand again, and pushed open the door. Then, I gently pulled Liam in with me, and shut the door behind us.  Then, I realized it was a master bedroom, just like I thought.     





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