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A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


70. Back @ School

The next morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm.  I slept horrible last night- I guarantee it's because I didn't sleep with Liam.  I realized very quickly that I had to go back to school today, and the thought of school really stressed me out, becuase I knew I was going to be far behind in school, and just have an unrealistic amount of homework, but if you had to choose between an overwhelming amount of homework, or to go to Paris with your super hot boyfriend, what would you choose?  I almost gurantee you would choose the second option, if you're human and a girl. 

I quickly got dressed, and saw Liam sleeping on the couch.  I kissed his forehead, and stuck a note to his blanket.  It read:  I love you! Have a good day and I will c u after school love your girlfriend, Claire. 

With that, I was out the door with my purse slung over my sholder, purses are waay better than backpacks, btw. 

Then, I realized I left early, and hadn't had any coffe, I decided to stop at starbucks.  I got my usual, and started heading towards my school.  When I finally arrived, my best guy friend at school, Henry.  When he saw me come out of my car, which Liam bought for me by the way, he ran over to me, and gave me  ahuge hug. 

"Where the fuck have you been?", he said.  I giggled.

"Oh...yah know", I said.

"Well, I was so damn worried about you Claire, you didn't anwser any of my texts", he sighed.

"Oh, right.  Sorry, Henry.  I'm a really shitty friend, ya know", I said.  He laughed, and slung his backpack over his sholder. 

"I missed you tons", he said. 

"Ha, I missed you too", I said.  

"So where did you go again, loser?", he said.  I giggled, and lightly punced his arm. 

"Paris", I replied.

"Really?", he said. 

"No, we went next-door", I said. 

He let out a laugh.  "That's the Claire I remember", he said, and threw his arm over my sholder.

"How are things with  you and Liam?", he asked. 

 "Amazing", I said.  Then, he removed his arm, and examined my hand. 

"Fuck!  I didn't think that shit was true, but I guess it is!", he yelled, sounding angry.

' what the hell are you talking abou?", I asked, really confused. 

"You're engaged?!", he said. 

"Hell no, Henry!  It's a promise ring, see", I said, shoving my hand in his face. 

"Thank fucking god", he said, sounding releaved. 

"Why?  Don't tell me you have issues with Liam now, too", I said, angrily. 

" it's just....don't walk away!", he yelled, running after me.  He grabbed my arm- hard. 

"Claire, listen.  I have no problem with him, but it's just...we all kinda feel like you only wanna spend time with Liam and not us anymore", he said, staring at the ground. 

"You know that's not true- I love you guys.  And, don't forget the last couple months i've spent with you guys.  I've only been gone for, like 6 days", I said.  He nodded, as in aggreement.

"Yeah, I know that, but the last couple months you were always sulking about Liam, and I admit, you weren't much fun then", he truthfully replied. 

"Sorry, Henry.  Told ya i'm a fucking horrible friend", I said.  He squeezed my hand. 

"You're the best, Claire", he said, letting go of my hand.  

"Now, let's get to first hour", I said.  We headed down the hallway to our first hour class, and the rest of the day continued on as expected.

  Then, when school ended, I drove to Liam's house, and he opened the door when he saw me.  He kissed my lips, and I kissed him back. 

"How was school?", he said. 

"Same as always", I said.  He pulled his arm around my sholder, and we walked upstairs. 

I started my horrendous heap of homework, while he watched some tv next to me.  About two hours later, I finished most of my homework, and Liam ordered some dinner- Chinease. 

We ate some in his bed while we watched a movie we rented from Netflix.  I was supposed to be home by 10, but I fell asleep early, and so did Liam.  I woke up the next morning to my phone ringing at 5am.  What kind of idiot calls you at 5 in the freaking morning?  Hasn't anyone ever heard of.. I don't know sleep?

I answered, and it was my mom.  I bit my lip, and said 'shit' under my breath.


"Yes?", I started the conversation with.

"Claire, where the hell are you?", my mom asked.  

"Where do you think I am?", I said.   "I'm at Liam's.  We accidently fell asleep after watching a movie, but it's no big deal", I said, trying to sound chill. 

"Well, did you sleep in the same bed?", she said. 

"No, mom i'm uncivilized- I sleep on the floor now", I said, only saying that because I knew how to push her buttons.  Never being her favorite child, that was always Daisy, I was the trouble child, and really knew how to test her boundries.  Actually, I quite enjoyed doing so, too.  "Dugh", I said. 

"My one rule is no sleeping together.", she said. 

"Well, no offence, but I broke that rule a long time ago", I said. 

She souded really pissed.  "Well in that case, you're grounded from Liam, and i'm taking your phone.

"I could care less about my phone, but you can't ground me from my boyfriend", I said.

"Watch me", my mom replied.

"I am", I responded.  Then, I laid back down next to Liam, who was awake.

'Sorry to wake you", I said, kissing his lips.  

"And ,apparently i'm grounded from you, so that makes me want you even more then is possible", I said.  He laughed, and I laid ontop of him, and took his shirt off.  He gave me a really sexy smile, and kissed my neck.  We had sex for awhile, and then I got ready for school.  

After school, I pulled up the driveway to my house, and rolled my eyes when my mom opened the door. 

"phone", she said.  I deleted all of my text messages, sent out a text to all my contacts saying "Don't text me.  My mom has my phone now", and handed it to her. 

"What did you just do?", she said. 

"Not let you creep on my phone", I said. 

She rolled her eyes, and took my phone. 

Then, I stormed into my room.  She followed behind me.

"How's that boyfriend grounding going for you, because I totally just had sex with Liam this morning for the third time, by the way", I said, only to make her furious.  

"You did WHAT?", she yelled, at the top of her lungs.  

"You heard me", I said. 

"You're only 16", she said.

"Umm, really i'm going to be 17 in, like a month, and it's not like i'm pregnant or anything", I said.

 "Well, you need to break up with him, and you're not allowed to see him anymore

"Like i'm going to actually LISTEN", I said.  "Besides, you don't really even care about me, just like dad", I said.  That stung her, and I almost felt guilty for saying that.  Almost...but not really, because i've been trying to say that for the last year, when things between  her and I have got really bad.  That did it for me, because I went into my closet and grabbed a bag out, and shoved some clothes and pajamas into it.  

"And where exactly do you think you're going?", she said. 

"You can't keep me away from Liam", I said. 

"You aren't going over to his house", she said. 

"Try me", I said, shoving a couple more things in my bag, and running downstairs.  I told Evan, Daniel and Daisy I loved them, kissed their cheeks, and told them I was leaving, but not to worry about me.  with that, I grabbed my keys and was out the door, with tears in my eyes, trying to fight them back.   








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