Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


41. Arriving In New York

When I woke up, I got dressed, put my hair in a poiny tail, grabbed my luggage, and headed downstairs.  When I got downstairs, Perrie called me.

"Hey girl", she said.

"Hey Perrie", I said.

"We're on our way", she said. 

"Yea!", I said.  "I'm ready", I added. 

"Okay, see ya soon", she said.

"Cya", I said.

Then, I hung up.  In no time, they were here.  Demi was driving, and Perrie was in the front seat.  I sat next to Eleanor in the back seat. 

"Ready?", Perrie sang.

"Ready", I said. 


We arrived at the airport, and there were tons of fans.  Security had to help us, and it took like 15 minutes just to enter the airport.  We signed some autographs, and continued on down our concourse.  We stopped, and got something to eat.  Then, in no time, we were boarding the plane. 

After the long flight, we finally arrived in New York!

"There it is", Perrie said, looking outside the plane window. 

"Yea", Demi said. 

Finally, we left the airport and arrived at the hotel.  It was a 5-star hotel, which I have never stayed in, near Central Park, which I have never been to. 

"It's absolutley amaazayn here", I said, looking out from the balcony. 

Perrie laughed.  "Yes, it is fantastic here!", Demi said.

"What are we doing today?", Eleanor asked.

"Well, El, its like 7 at night", Demi said.

"Yah, and I'm hungry", Perrie piped in.

"Okay- i'll order something.  What do you guys want?", Demi asked. 

"Pizza?", Eleanor said.

We all nodded in agreement, and I handed Demi the phone.  In no time, the pizza was here.  We ate pizza, talked, laughed so hard we started crying, and posted tons of pictures on Instagram.  Then, almost in sync, the boys called us.  Lonely Harry :(. 

I picked up my phone, only to hear Liam's sweet voice on the other end of the phoneline.

"Hello, beautiful", he said.

"Hey Liam", I said.

"How was your day, babe?", he asked me. 

"So much fun, its nice to have girl time", I said.

"We saw your guys pictures on Instagram", Liam said. 

"Oh my", I said.  "Did you see the one where Demi was giving me a piggy back ride, and the one where Perrie and I were crying, and the other one where Eleanor and I had faces as red as a tomato?", I said, laughing.

"We saw all of them.  You guys are crazy", he said.

We were both laughing.

"I bet you Harry looks really lonely right now, doesn't he?", I asked.

"He's alright", Liam said. "What are you guys doing tomorrow?", he asked. 

"We're getting mani-pettis, and going shopping", I said.

"Sounds like fun", Liam said.  

"I can't wait", I said.

'I'm glad", Liam said.

I yawned.  "Baby, are you tired?", he said.

"Yea", I said.

"Well, I promise i'll call you tomorrow", liam said.

"I love you, Liam", i said.

"I love you too, Claire", Liam told me.

"Goodnight", I said.

"Goodnight", he said. 

After I hung up with Liam, I plopped down on the couch next to Perrie. 

Eleanor insisted we watch "Mean Girls", so I popped it in the dvd player.  We all watched the movie together, and then went to bed.  It was 1am when we actually all fell asleep. 



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