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A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


68. Another Amazing Day


It was another amazing day in Paris!  Now, we were all snuggled up under the covers, and the hotel room phone began to ring.  Liam put it on speaker phone so we could both hear. 

“Attention: We are having a furnace-malfunction.  We are expecting workers to come fix the problem in the morning, but currently the heat isn’t working properly.  Sorry for the inconvenience”. 

Then, the recording ended. 

Liam and I changed into layers of clothing, because it was almost 0 degrees outside.  Then, we pilled extra blankets on top, and snuggled under the covers to stay warm.

“My feet are freezing”, I said.  I was wearing two pairs of socks, even. 

“Mine too”, Liam said.  “I’m sorry about this, Claire.  I feel really bad”, Liam said to me.

“Liam, I don’t mind.  Don’t feel bad, honestly it’s not like you broke the heat, or something”, I said.  He kissed me, and wrapped his arms around me. 

“I’m actually really not that cold”, I said.  He smiled.

“Well, I am but it could be worse”, I added.  He laughed.

“I’d rather be frozen with you then perfect temperature without you”, Liam said.  I smiled.   

“Me too”, I agreed.

Then, we both fell asleep, super close together, with our arms wrapped around eachother.  We both woke up around 6 drenched in sweat, to the phone ringing.

"The problem has been fixed- sorry for any inconvinences, and you will be refunded for one night.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay", the recording said.

I got up, and so did Liam.  First, we peeled off all of the layers of our clothing, and were stripped down into, well for mwe, my underwear and bra, but for Liam just his underwear.  Then, I ripped all pf the blankets off the bed, except for the sheet.

"I'm so hot how are we ever going to be able to cool down?", Liam said.

"I have an idea", I said, flashing him a sexy smile, him knowing exactly knowing what I was talking about. 

He and I both got onto the bed, and started to kiss eachother.  Then, he reached to unhook my bra, and it continued from there.  We made love for the next half an hour or so, then took a cold shower together. 

Liam got dressed into a pair of sweats, a tshirt, and a sweatshirt while I was drying off from the shower.  Then, I put on a pair of sweatpants, a tanktop, and one of Liam's sweatshirts- I loved wearing his hoodies.

"What time are we leaving again?", I asked.

"7 at night", Liam said. 

"So what do you have planned today?", I asked.

"Well, we kinda have to do this photo shoot thingy, and we have a couples spa today, too", He replied.

"Photoshoot?", I said.

"It's kinda a last minute thing", he said.

"Well, i've always wanted to have my own photoshoot", I said, as we were frantically packing our bags. 

When we finished, he smiled at me, and grabbed my hand.  We headed for the door. "Wait, are we wearing these clothes for the pictures? Don't you think we should change?", I said, feeling like the blonde I am. 

"Oh Claire, my stylist has things for us to wear when we get there, beautiful", he said. 

I nodded "Ohh", I said.  We dragged our luggage behind us, and headed in a cab. 

When we got there, we grabbed our things, and Liam squeezed my hand tight.

"No worries- Lou Teasdale's really excitied to meet you and she's really nice", Liam said.  then, he kissed the top of my head, and we walked into the grand building, and took the elevator, kissing all the way up to the top floor where Lou's office was.  Then, we walked down a long hallway, and knocked on the last door to the right. 

"Come in", a plesent voice said. 

Liam opened the door, holding out for me.  Then, he joined me inside the room.

"Oh Liam, i'm so excited to see you dear", Lou said runnig towards Liam.  He hugged her, and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. 

"And I see you brought this absolutely lovely young lady with you, too", she said.

She gave me a hug, and lightly kissed me on the cheek.

"So, let's get started", she said.

Then, a small, beautiful little girl slowly walked into the room. I knew exactly who she was- Lux! 

"Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy", she  whined, heading towars her mum.

"Not right now dear", she said.  Then, Lux screamed. "LIIIIIIAMMM", she said, running over to him.

'Uppie", she said.  Liam picked her up.

"Hello, my pretty little girl", he said.  She giggled. 

"This is Claire", he said, slowly putting her down.

"Hi Claire- you're so pretty uppie?", she said.  I picked her up, and she played with my hair.

"You are very pretty, too", I said.  she giggled.

"Mummy, I like Claire", she said.  

"I bet you do, Lux", she said.  Then, we left our luggage, and were directed into the next room.  I, however was still carying Lux.

"Honey, it's time for you to walk on your own, I need Claire right now", Lou Teasdale said. 

"Noooo", she whined, but I put her down. 

She gripped onto my legs.  

"Lux, no more comming to work with mommy if you don't let mommy do her work".

"Yes, Mummy", she said.  Then, she left the room with one of Lou's workers, and we got down to buisness. 

"So, I have some clothing ideas for you guys set out in your dressing rooms", she said, leading us to the dressing rooms.  Then, she said "Claire first", and made Liam sit down in a chair, while she went into the fitting room with me. 

"Ok, this first", she said, handing me a red sparkly strapless dress with matching heels. I tried it on, and she helped me zip it without getting of my loong blonde hair, which lies about a few inches above my hips. 

"You really are beautiful, Claire", she said, showing me to a floor-to-ceiling lenghted mirror. 

I admit, I did look really pretty, and it complemented my upper half especially well, since it was a little bit low-cut.

"I honestly think this is the one without even having you try on anything else", she said. 

"You think so?", I said.

"Claire, I have been in this buisness for a little while now, and believe me, that's the dress.  It complements your beautiful figure really well, and it really brings out your light complextion and your eyes".   

I nodded. "Thank you so much! And, well that was easy", I said.

"Don't thank me- thank yourself for being this beautiful.  Let's show Liam, now should we?", she said, heading towards the door.  I nodded, and she opened the door.

"You look..........soooooo beautiful.  Claire, you are the prettiest woman I do, and will ever know", Liam said.  I blushed, and smiled really big.

"Isn't she gorgeous?", Lou said.

"Clairey, you're sooo pretty", Lux said, running in the room, with a very similar dress on as me.

"Lux, baby it's not your photo shoot", Lou said, smiling.

"Oh, come on just one photo?", the worker said behind Lux. "They're both so beautiful, and them two with Liam would be the most adorable picture yet".

"I guess, but only a few", Lou said.  Lux smiled, and ran over and hugged my legs.

"Yea", she said.  Then, she grabbed the workers hand, and exited the room.

"Okay, you get back changed into your other clothes, and head over to hair and makeup.  And, Liam come with me", Lou said.  We both nodded, and went our seperate ways.  I got changed out of the dress, and into my swets, and Liam's sweatshirt. 

Then, I headed over to hair and makeup.

"Hey, my name's Melony, and i'll be doing your hair and makeup". I smiled.  "Hi, I'm Claire", I said.

"Honey, I know who you are", she said.  I laughed a little. 

Then, I sat down on a chair she told me to sit down in.
"Your hair is so long and beautiful.  How do you feel about curls?", she said.  I nodded.

"I love them", I said.

"Great", Melony said.  "Curls will look oh-so-pretty on you", she added.  I smiled.

Then, she turned the curling iron on, and began to curl my hair.  When she was finished (she did a reallly amazing job by the way), she started my makeup. 

"Big lashes?", she said.

"Love them!", I said. 

"Sparkly eyeshadow?", she asked.

"Why even ask? YES!", I said.  she laughed, and did my makeup phenominally. 

Then, I was led into another room, where I found Liam holding little Lux. He looked really sexy in his tux (YES I SAID TUX) with a sparkly red tie, and his hair slicked back in a sexy way. 

And, as for Lux she looked really cute in her dress that was similar to mine, except it was black, and a red sparkly ribbon around her waist, her hair was curled, and she had a teensy bit of makeup on.. 

"Ready?", Lou T sang.         

We followed her into the "photography" room, and waited for instructions from the photographer.

"Can we have Lux go with them first, because she needs her n-a-p", Lou asked.

"Of course", the photographer said, making us do a couple poses with Lux.  Then, Lux and Lou dissapered for a minute, so Lou could luy Lux down for a nap. 

"Ladies first", the photographer said.  I smiled, and Liam exited the photo room, standing on the other side of the see-through glass wall. 

I did tons of differant poses, and the photographer took tons of pictures of me.  Then, it was Liam's turn and they did the same.  Finally, they called me back in, and it was time for Liam and I to pose together.  We took many pictures, and then were dismissed. 

But, before we left "Have you ever thought of being, like a model?", Lou said.

"Yeah, it's been one of my dreams since I've been a little girl.  Why?", I asked.  

Lou handed me a buisness card.  "Call me, dear and I will make this happen", she said.  My eyes lit up.  I hugged her.  "Thanks", I said.  "It means so much", I added. 

She smiled.  "Don't thank me thank your beautiful self", Teasdale said.  I smiled, and she kissed my cheek.  Then, she did the same to Liam, and we left, grabbing our things on the way out.  liam grabbed my hand.

'Ready for the spa?", he said as we headed in the cab. 

"Deffinently", I said. 






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