Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


18. After Dinner (told you my brothers were annoying....)

Finally, Liam and I finised washing the dishes, and we headed upstairs. 

First, we went into my brothers room.  They were playing wii, like always, and Daisy was on the floor playing with her One Direction dolls. 

"Look, Liam its you", she said, holding up the Liam doll.  He laughed.  Daisy said "I like Harry the best, though. Sorry, Liam", Daisy said.  "But, you're second", she assured him.

"It's okay, Daisy", he said.  "I'm you're sisters favourite", he said to Daisy, kissing my forehead.

"Eeew, kissie", Daisy said laughing. "Keep it pg", Evan said, sounding like Louis at the theature when he said 'get a room'.  Daniel laughed. 

"My sister used to be upsessed with you", Daisy said. 

"Shut it", I told her, embarrased.

"Oh, really?", Liam said, laughing. 

"Yeah, she couldn't go an hour without talking about One Direction", Daisy said.

"I'm putting on a dry shirt", I said. 

"Not right here you're not", Daniel said.  My brothers comment  on everything.

"See, told you so", I told Liam, walking out of the room. 

I changed into a dry shirt, and Tiffany walked into my room.

"Yes?", I asked. 

"Do you love him?", she said, closing the door behind her. 

"Yeah", I said, blushing.  "Why?" I added. 

"Oh...because, he seems so nice and like he treats you well, unlike most of your shitty exes", she said.  "But, I don't want you to go head-over-heels for him, think he's the one, and that everythings perfect, and then for one day, everything to fall apart", she said, teary-eyed.   

I hugged her, and knew she was thinking about her ex-fiance, Michael.  She started dating Micheal in 8th grade, and dated him all throughout highschool.  Then, just about a few months ago, he proposed to her, (even though she's only 20), a little bit before he went into the army.  Then, about 2 months ago, he died in the war, and, just as anyone would be, Tiffany was heart broken.  Her grades dramatically dropped (which IS NOT good, especially in college), and she was depressed, and still is, but I don't blame her. 

"It's about Micheal, isn't it?", I said.  I'm such an idiot, because that only made her cry harder. 

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to....", I said.  "But, don't you remember when he told you that if anything ever happens to him, he wants you to carry on with your life, and find another man that treats you well and that loves you compasssionently, and that whenever you need strenght, that he will be smiling down on you from Heaven", I told her.  She nodded, and pulled away from me, whiping her tears. 

"Yes, I do remeber", Tiffany said.  "But, that would be much easier if...if..if I wasn't pregnant with his baby", she said, tears rushing down her beautiful face. 

"Shutup", I said.

"I'm serious", she said.

"Oh my god. Mom is going to KILL you", I said.

"Claire, i know, but please don't tell her", she pleaded. 

"I won't", I told her.  "But, you have to", I added, firmly. 

  Liam walked in, and saw us sitting on my bed.

"I'm soo sorry", he said and walked out, shutting the door behind him. 

"He totally wants you", Tiffany assured me.

"Yea?", I asked.

"Go get him, Claire", she told me.

"Are you sure you're ok?", I asked Tiffany. 

"C, I'm fine", she said.


I left the room, and headed for my brother's room.  I saw that Daisy was still playing with her One Direction dolls, now with Liam.  I laughed. 

"Claire, Liam, play with us", Daniel yelled.

"Ok", I said.

Evan handed us controllers, and we were playing London 2012 Olympics.  Me and Liam were on a team, and we choose the country Great Britian, Evan and Daniel were on a team, and they choose team USA. 

Evan chose to do Volleyball.  Liam and I won.  "There ya go, baby", Liam said, kissing my lips.

"Umm..We're still here", Evan said.

"We know", I said, smiling. 

Then, we played for about an hour.  Liam and I dominated my brothers...well, mostly.  They creamed us in tennis and swimming.

It was nearing the time for Liam to leave, and I was sad.  "I promise I will see you on Monday", Liam said.  He kissed my neck, and then my lips. 

Then, we walked downstairs.  Liam went over to my mom, and said "I have to go now, but thank you for the delicious dinner", Liam said.

"Your welcome, it was a pleasure having you here with us", my mom said. 

I walked Liam outside, where the limo was waiting.  We kissed, and it was meant to be.  "What time on Monday?", I asked him.

"Umm....I was thinking 4:30?", He said.

"P.M.?" I asked.

"Yes, babe", he said. 

"Ok, can't wait to see you", I said, wrapping my arms around his waist, and kissed him one last time.  Then, he said "Goodnight" to me, and headed into the limo.  I waved bye to him, and blew a kiss.  Then, I walked back inside my house, and up to what used to be Tiff's room.  She was sitting on the "Guest" bed, aka her old bed. 

"Hey', she said.

"Hey", I responded. 

"What you watching", I asked her.

"Teen Mom", she said.

"Perfect show to be watching right now, sis?", I questioned.

"Tell me about it; atleast i'm 20, not 16', she said.

"Yah, true", I responded.      

"When are you leaving", Tiffany asked.

"Tiff, i'm leaving at 4:30 on Monday. You?", I responded.

"Tuesday", she said.  "I'm surprised mom is letting you leave with Liam', Tiffany said.

"Yah, I know", I said.

"Are you going to break any of mom's stupid rules?", she asked.

'Some; basically all of them, except i'm not going to go all the way with Liam; I don't wanna end up pregnant like someone in here", I said.  "Plus, i'm just not ready for that, and either is he", I said. 

She said "Well, I didn't want to get pregnant; it just happened", she said.

"No, but you wanted to get it on with him, so you were asking for a baby", I told her.

"Claire!", she said.

"Tiffany!", I said. 

We both started laughing. 

"Well, atleast you'll have a piece of Micheal to hold onto", I told her.

"Yeah, but how the hell am I supposed to be a mother? I can barely take care of myself!", Tiffany said.

"Look, i'll buy all your baby crap with Liam, and I'll babysit for free, and...", i said.  Tiffany interupted me.

"Thanks, C", she said.  "But , I don't wanna take all your money and have Liam waste his money on me because I chose to be an idiot", She said.

"Believe me- he won't mind.   I'll help you through this.  You will be the best mother ever", I told her.

Then, I gave her a hug. 

"Thank you, Claire", she said.  "I'm glad I can count on you", she added.

"That's what sisters are for", I told her.  "You just have to tell mom- own up to it", I told her.

"Yah, yah, I will.  I'll do it right before I leave on Tuesday, so she can't, like kick me out or something", Claire said. 

"Kay", I said, smiling.

Then, I watched a movie with Tiffany in the living room, and fell asleep on the couch.  I woke up to Tiffany in the bathroom puking.

"Shit", she yelled.

I ran into the bathroom. "Baby?", I asked.

"This damn baby is making me sick", Tiffany said. 

"You're soo lucky mom's at the store right now", I told her.

"I know!", she said. 

I helped her clean up the puke (eeeewwww, but I did it because I know she would do it for me).

Then, I gave her some medicine. "Just tell mom you have the flu", I said.

"Okay", she said. "Wait, are you leaving?", she asked.

"No, not yet, remember i'm leaving tomorow?", I said. 

"Oh-rite", she said.

Tiffany laid down on the couch, and fell asleep.  I walked into the kitchen, and made myself some toast.  Then, I went to shower an get ready.  I found a paparatzi outside my bedroom window.  And the madness now only begins.... 






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