Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


22. A day full of fun

Liam was still asleep.  I laid there, staring at the ceiling and collecting my thoughts. Then, I looked at Liam, and saw him smiling at me. 
"Goodmorning, baby", he said.  
"Goodmorning", I said, still snuggling him still.  We layed in his bed for about an hour, hugging and talking. 
Then, Liam sprung out of bed. "Come on- I have a surprise for you", Liam said.  As he was saying that, I realized he wasn't wearing any pants, but he had underwear on! I laughed, and blushed. He looked down "Oops", he said. I smiled. 
Then, I sprung out of bed next to him, and hugged him, thankfully I was still wearing my pajama shorts.  
I asked "Ok, so for our surprise, what should I wear?".
"Something casual", he said. I smiled. 
Then, I turned around to gather some clothes to wear. I turned back around, and saw Liam standing there naked.
"Oh my god, I'm soo sorry...I thought you weren't looking", he said, looking really guilty. 
I was blushing. "Oh no, baby it's really okay", I said, turning back around.  I slowly took my top off, and turned around, and saw Liam just staring at me. 
"Ummm.....", I said, turning back around.  I finished getting dressed, and turned to face Liam.  He was standing there with a pair of shorts on, but shirtless. 
"Are you trying to make me blush?", I said, giggling. 
"Well it sure is worth a try", he said.  Finally, after we kissed for awhile, Liam put a shirt on, and we were ready to go. 
We walked downstairs, hand in hand.  
"You look beautiful", Ruth said when she saw us walking downstairs. 
"Thanks", I said.  Liam smiled at Ruth, and so did I. 
"Hello sleepyheads", Nicola said winking at Liam.  How was your "movie", she said, overexaggerating the word movie.
"Nicola, just stop. And, yeah Toy Story 3 was great", Liam said glaring at Nicola. "Come on, Claire lets go", Liam said.  Nicola gave him a dirty look.  We walked out the door, and a limo was waiting for us.  The limo driver opened the door for us, and we sat down.  We both buckled, and the limo started.  
"Where are we going?", I asked.
"I can't tell you until we get there", Liam said. "Its a surprise", he added.
I laughed. "Whatever you say babe", I added. How can our love be this strong? We've only been dating for a little under 2 weeks, but that's just us.

Finally, we arrived at a theme park. 
"Surprise!", Liam yelled.
"Awwe baby Im soo excited! I love rollercoasters", I said.
"Claire, I had a feeling you would", Liam said.  I smiled, not knowing what he meant by that.
My stomach felt tight.  I saw a huuge swarm of screaming fans.  How do they know where he is like, every second of the day? 
Security helped us cut through the major crowd.  When we actually got inside the theme park, the sworms kept on comming, and media was everywhere. "Just tell us, Liam.  What is going on with you and Claire", a newsreporter said.  "I love her", Liam said.  Then, the questions kept on comming, and reporters were shouting at us, shoving microphones into our faces, especially Liam's. 
"SECURITY", Liam shouted.
Instantly, security popped up, and seperated the media paparatzi and fans from us.  They were ordered to stay where they were. Then, we walked through.  Liam autographed quite a few fans, quickly took a few pictures, and high-fived a lot of fans.  We got in line to go on the parks main attraction ride.  Since we had VIP passes, we had to wait in the line only for 5 minutes.  There were only about 10 people in line ahead of us, which was good.  When we finally got on the ride, we opted to sit in the middle.  I was a little nervous, but with Liam sitting down next to me and squeezing my hand, all of those nerves dissapeared. 
We spent the rest of the day until dark at the theme park. 
When the day was finally over, Liam kissed my lips, picked me up bridal-style. "Liam put me down", I said.
"Never!", he joked.  He carried me into the limo, and set me down in the seat next to him. 
"Thank you sooo much for taking me, Liam", I said. 
"Anything for you", he said.  Next, I woke up on Liam's bed, with him sitting next to me on his laptop. 
I rolled over, facing him. "Hey sleepyhead", he said, kissing my forehead. I smiled at him. 
"I'm hungry", I said. 
"Ok, Nialler, lets go get something to eat", Liam teased.
We walked downstairs, and Liam opened the freezer.  "Is pizza good?", he asked me. 
"Yumm", I said.  Liam put the pizza in the oven, and we walked into the living room.  Liam's parents were in there, as was Ruth and Nicola.  "We're watching a movie if you two want to join us", Liam's dad said. 
"We will, after we eat", Liam said.  With that, Liam lead me into the kitchen.  The timer on the oven beeped and Liam pulled the pizza out.  He cut the pizza into slices.  I took 2, and Liam took 4.  We took a seat at the table, and Liam's leg brushed up against mine.  I smiled, and ate my pizza, as did my boo, Liam.  
When we finished, he kissed me and held me tight.  Then, Liam and I plopped down on the empty couch, and he covered us with a big couch blanket.  He cuddled me, and held my hand.  Nicola just glared at us, while Ruth was smiling happily at us.  There were many mixed emotions here.

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