Bear This In Mind...<3

A girl gets the dream of her lifetime when she meets her idols, One Direction (and her bigtime crush Liam Payne). Not only does she get to just meet them, she recieves Liam's didgits! Will this love last or not?! Read to find out!!!


1. The Best Surprise...EVER!

"Claire, let's go", my mom called.

"Ok, i'm ready", I sang.  I was overlly excited because i knew we were going to see One Direction in concert: I absolutley love them, yes especially Liam. 

I got into the car, wearing my British flag leggins (sorry Nialler), a blue skirt and my "I LOVE LIAM" tee. 

"Hey mom, what time is the concert at again", I asked, curiously. 

"It's at 8:00 pm", she repied. 

"Then, why are we early", I asked.  It was only 2'oclock. 

"Well, because we got VIP passes so we haave to be there by 3", she responded, over the sound of me screaming soo loudly. 

"So, you're saying that...that...that I get to meet Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry", I said, excidedly, and probablly too loudly.

"Thank you soo much, Mom", I said.

"Claire, you're welcome". She replied. "Just, no crying when you meet them", she said.

"Well, that I can't guarantee", I said, gigggling.  For the remainder of the short car ride, i couldn't sit still, and i kept looking in the mirror to make sure I looked perfect.       

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