One thing 1

You live with one direction and your brother is Zayn! You have known all of the other boys for 10 years. You are sixteen years old and about to turn 17 in one month. Also you have HUGE crush on Niall and he likes you too but you don't know only the boys (expect Zayn) knows!!!! Btw: your parents are dead!!:(


7. Man this Freakin drama!!

Chapter 7
Amy's P. O. V
Zayn: you really are a fucking whore!!!!!!!
I start crying.
Zayn: oh shit amy i am so sorry!!!!!!!
Amy: you know what?!?! I am a whore you know why because every one thinks you the big cool brother when your just a big..............AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i dont even want to say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I go to my room crying my face is really red because when i am mad my face gets red.
Niall: PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!! Zayn what have you done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zayn: i-i- i am sorry amy please forgive me your beautiful i didnt mean the things i said please come sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hear zayn crying niall is just breathing hard cause his mad. I go down stairs
Amy: i forgive you zayn but, why would you say that stuff!?!?
Zayn: i dont know I AM SOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Niall: YOU BETTER, BE DONT EVER HURT HER LIKE THAT shes my princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy: and your my prince!!
Zayn: and i am your bro prince
All of the other boys: what are we
Amy : well you guys are like brothers to me so you guys are my bro prince except louis, his my CARROT KING!!!!!!!!!!!
Louis: OH YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All of the people: hahahahahahhaahhahah
Niall: well im hungry!!!!!
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