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You live with one direction and your brother is Zayn! You have known all of the other boys for 10 years. You are sixteen years old and about to turn 17 in one month. Also you have HUGE crush on Niall and he likes you too but you don't know only the boys (expect Zayn) knows!!!! Btw: your parents are dead!!:(


6. Love birds

(Morning Niall's P. O. V)
Amy: good morning sleepy head!!!
Niall: good morning
Amy: i am going to make breakfast!!!!
Niall: OK!!!!!;)
Amy's p. o. v
I go down stairs and i see justin and grace laying down but grace was laying on top of him.
Justins p.o. v
Justin: whoa i did not see you there amy!!!!!!!!!
Amy: its fine just do that in your room please!
Justin: ok, come on babe lets go!!!!!
I go up stairs in my room with grace, and i shut the door and locked it.
Justin:so where were we?!?
I take off all of her clothes and she takes off all of mine, and i lay her on the bed and i start to kiss her and she let my tongue slide i her mouth. She started to breath and moan really loud and fast. It felt soooo good!!!! She fell asleep in my arms. I really love her i want to be with her forever!!!
Niall's P.O.V
Niall: do you want me to sing you a song?!?!?!
Amy: yea!!!
Niall: which one?!?!?!
Amy:they dont know about us!!!!!
Niall: ok!!
I start to sing the whole song and then she started to sing along!!!!
Niall:you have an amazing voice!!!!
Amy: thanks i guess..........
Niall: i am serious!!! I love it!!!
I kiss her. Then i ask her if she could sing more!!
Amy: fine what song?!?!?!
Niall: ROCK MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She sang it. i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy: i am goin to sleep
Niall: you cant in those clothes here let me take them off for you
Amy: kk
I took off her clothes but not all of it...... She is beautiful then she fell asleep again in my arms!!!
The next morning Niall's p. o. v
Niall: hey wake up beautiful.
Amy: I'm awake now
Niall: i am going to make breakfast
Amy: kk i love you!!!!
Niall: i love too!!!!
Zayn mocks me.
Zayn: i love you tooooooooooo!!hahahahahah
Niall: shut up.....
Zayn:its just soooooooooooo awkward!!!!!!
Niall: ya ya whatever!!!!
Zayn: yea...... So what are you going to cook???!!!!
Niall: cheese fondu, eggs, bacon,french toast, and pancakes!!!!!! For ALL of us!!!!!!!!!
Zayn: mmmmmmmmmm yummy!!!!
Niall: yeaaaaaaa budddddddyyyyy!!!!!!!!
Louis: its smelling good in here!!!
Liam: no spoons allowed!!!
Harry: where is my cat fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zayn: harry, you dont have a cat!!!
Harry: ohhhh!!! Awwwww!!!!!:(:(;(;(
Louis: may i have some carrots daddy directioner!?!?!
Liam: yes you can boobear the carrot king!!!!
Louis: YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
Zayn: alright lets play truth or dare!!!!!!!!!
All people: YEA!!!!
Amy: ok louis truth or dare?!!?
Amy: ok. Is it true that you like me as a best friend!?!?!
Louis: YEA DUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Ok Liam do you like Amy?!?
Liam: uhhhhhh umm um well............... Yea.......... Alot actually.............
Liam blushed like crazy i could feel my self getting jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!
Niall: WHAT?!?!?! Dude...... Not right.....
Amy: ummmm this is really awkward.....
Zayn: yea....... So harry truth or dare?!?!?
Harry: dare!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zayn: i dare you to french kiss amy!!!!!!!
Niall: OH MY GOSHHHH!!!!!!!!!! What the crap?!?!?!!!
Amy: but what i refuse too!!!!???? Huh zayn??!!!!!??
Zayn: if you dont do it you will be grounded for 2 months with no going out and no niall for two weeks!!!!!!!
Amy: WHAT?!?! Fine...... I love you niall.........
Harry: whoa whoa whoa wait!! You cant make her!!!!!!
Zayn: AMY DO IT!!!!!! Harry you two just kiss already!!!!!
Amy: WHY?!?!? CANT i just do it later!!!
Zayn: NO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy goes up to her room crying. Why would zayn do this to her?
Justin: i will go up and talk to her.
Zayn: no you wont i will!!!!!!!!!
Zayn is madddd!!!!!!!
Amy's P. O. V
I go out to my room and see a razor i grab it and slid it across my wrist it hurt soo bad but not as much as my heart hurt i was crying like crazyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy:OWWWWWWW OWWW OWW OW OW OW OW OWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Why today!!!!!!! I hate Zayn!!!!!!
Zayn walks in my room,with out knocking and starts to yell at me.
Zayn: What the heck is wrong with you why didn't you kiss harry!!!!?????!!!
Amy: Because i have a BOYFRIEND!!!! His name is Niall Horan!!!!!!! Not Harry Styles!!!!!!
Zayn: so it was a dare and- wait did you cut?!!!???
Niall walks in.
Amy:yes i did cut!!!!! Who cares it i cut!!???!!
Niall: babe i care.
Amy: i know you care.
All of the boys: We all care!!!!!
Amy: whatever no you dont!!!!!!!!
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