One thing 1

You live with one direction and your brother is Zayn! You have known all of the other boys for 10 years. You are sixteen years old and about to turn 17 in one month. Also you have HUGE crush on Niall and he likes you too but you don't know only the boys (expect Zayn) knows!!!! Btw: your parents are dead!!:(


1. Getting Starting!!

Also, your name is Amy Malik in is story!!!!:) Btw: (w)- this means that the person is whispering and this (y) means that they are yelling!! Your P.O.V. You: Good morning sleepy heads!!! Zayn: Good morning, the boys are still sleeping so shut up!!!!! You: sorry..... Zayn: its fine... You(w): Niall looks so cute when he is sleeping...... Zayn: Heard that... You: oh Zayn, i didn't know you where there!!! Zayn: I have been here the whole time and- wait, (y) what are are you wearing!!! You: what is am just wearing some shorts and a crop t-shirt!!! What the crap is wrong with that!!!!!?!?!?? Zayn: it's too short!!! You: Whatever, Zayn you not the boss of me!! Zayn: yes i am!!
Btw: if i indent i am just narrating!!:):)
Zayn grabs you and is about to push you to your room but, someone stops him!!
???: Hey, Zayn!!! Dont you dare!!
It was Niall!!
Zayn: haha oh look its your crushy wushy hahahahhahaha!!!!!! You: Zayn!!! Zayn: what?!?! Thats what you get for not doing what i tell you to do!! You: F*** you Zayn!!! Zayn: What did you say?!?!Go to your room or- Niall's P.O.V Me: STOP ZAYN!!
Zayn left the room.
Your P.O.V You: thanks Niall!!:) Niall: No problem so whats this about you liking me?!!? You: oh um nothing, well yea i have had a crush on you for 8 years!!:/ Niall: Me too... You: Wait, What?!?!? Niall: yea, i have been liking you for 7 years by now!!! :} You: oh wow i did not know that you like me!:}
10 mins. later..... Niall's P. O. V Zayn: Niall come here i need to talk to you!!!!Me: Coming!!! Zayn: so, i hear you like my lil' sis, do you?!?!?! Me: yes i do i love her so much!!! Zayn: Whoa, Whoa... you LOVE her?!?! She is a freakin' slut!!!! Niall: No she is not!! She is BEAUTIFUL!! I am going to ask her out!! Hey, Amy come in here!!
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