One thing 1

You live with one direction and your brother is Zayn! You have known all of the other boys for 10 years. You are sixteen years old and about to turn 17 in one month. Also you have HUGE crush on Niall and he likes you too but you don't know only the boys (expect Zayn) knows!!!! Btw: your parents are dead!!:(


5. Chapter 5 kisses

Chapter 5 level 2: kisses ��
(One hour after lunch) Amys P. O. V
You get into Justin's Lamburgeny and go home.
Justin: so niall and amy, did you have a good time???!!!!?!
Niall: YEA buddyyy!!!!
Amy: ohhhhh yea!!!!
(At home)
Jay: so, Katie did you have a good time with Nialler!!??!?!
Amy: First of all, dont call me by my middle name!! Second, yes i did have a good time!!! I love him....... So hows your girlfriend?!?!
Jay: umm were good i guess so, where are you going to sleep now?!?!
Amy: with Niall....
Jay:aww you two love birds!!!!
Amy: yea......
(9 hours later) (9:00p.m)
Amys P. O. V
Niall:hey you ready to go to sleep you said you were tired!!
Amy: yea lets go
Niall: you can go change in my BIG closet and i will in here
Amy: OK!!!!!!:)
You put you PJ's on but you hear some one in the closet with you and you turn around to see Niall staring at you
Amy: how long have you been in here?!?!
Niall: for the whole time!!
Amy: Really?!?
Niall: yea, your beautiful.....
Niall kisses you and then he lifts your shirt up and then keeps kissing you then you feel him picking your bra, trying to take it off of you. He didn't get it off of you but he kept kissing you. You start to moan a little when he starts to kiss you in your soft spot and he hold you more. You fall asleep in his arms. Btw: you used protection with him.
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