One thing 1

You live with one direction and your brother is Zayn! You have known all of the other boys for 10 years. You are sixteen years old and about to turn 17 in one month. Also you have HUGE crush on Niall and he likes you too but you don't know only the boys (expect Zayn) knows!!!! Btw: your parents are dead!!:(


3. Broken

Chapter-3 broken
Zayn's P. O. V
After breakfast me and niall got in to a BIG HUGE GIANT fight with niall.
Me: Break up with amy she is too young to date people and she is a slut!!!
Niall: she is 16 years old!! Why would you care if we are dating!?!?!
Me: Because, Niall i am her brother and you are my best friend and its just awkward!! I dont know!!!
Niall punched me hard in the face!! I punched him back on the mouth and jaw which, breaks his braces and he is bleeding like crazy in his mouth trying to get up and keep fighting but, his keeps coughing out blood. His braces are now ruined!!
Me: come on, short stack!!!!!
Niall: leave me alone!! I love her!! I would never break her heart you know that!!!
I punch niall in the stomach and face which gives him a black eye and him hurting really bad.
Niall(y): please stop!! PLEASE just please stop!
Me: whatever!!!
Your P. O. V
I see zayn punch niall and i tell zayn to stop but he doesnt even stop a bit!!!! You: please stop it
I start crying like crazy when i saw Niall was beat up so badly!!!!����
Zayn: dont cry slut!!!!! Hhahahaa
Liam: HEY ZAYN!!!! What are you doing?!?!!?!?!?
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