One thing 1

You live with one direction and your brother is Zayn! You have known all of the other boys for 10 years. You are sixteen years old and about to turn 17 in one month. Also you have HUGE crush on Niall and he likes you too but you don't know only the boys (expect Zayn) knows!!!! Btw: your parents are dead!!:(


4. Beautiful

Chapter4 Beautiful
1 day later.....Zayn invited your brothers Justin and Jay with there girlfriends,Grace and Kay to live with all of you guys. Grace is Justin's girlfriend and Kay is Jay's girlfriend. So now all your siblings are here. Jay is mean to you and Justin is really nice to you and they are all 18 years old!
Justin's P. O. V
Me: so amy how are you doing?
Amy: um well.......
Zayn looks at her mad
Zayn: dont you dare tell him what happened.....
Amy: Ummm......:(
Me: please tell me i will help you
Amy: well me and niall are going out now and then zayn and niall got into a
big fight and now zayn is mad!!!
Zayn: AMY WHY?!?!?
Amy: sorry.......
Me: zayn please dont be mad for her be happy please i dont want you guys to be fighting!!
Zayn: fine....ok
Amy: YAYYYY!!!
Jay's P. O. V
Me: hey short stack!!!!
Amy: shut up..... Hahaha so whats up?!
Me: nothing.....
Amy: ok see ya later!!!
15 mins later Justin's P. O. V
Me: hey amy want to go out to eat lunch with me and niall?
Amy: sure, why not?!?!? Let me just get dressed you know me!!! Hahahahaha
Me: yea i need to go change too
Amy's P. O. V
You put on some skinny jeans and a neon pink t shirt and you put on your pink converse and makeup
Me: done!
Niall's P. O. V
You put on some jeans and a navy blue shirt and your blue vans
Justin's P. O. V
You put on some jeans and red t shirt reds vans and a snap back
Me: done
Niall's P. O. V
I see a beautiful girl with ocean blue eyes long straight blonde hair and a perfect smile (btw your braces are fixed) i see Amy Kate Malik.
Me: hey beautiful
Amy: hey handsome
Justin: hey love birds lets go eat!!
Amy's P.O. V
Justin drove you guys to eat at olive garden
Waiter: so what can i get for the pretty lady?
Niall: shes my girlfriend!!!!!!
Waiter: oh sorry i thought she was your sister too...
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